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What Happens When Your Grand Per Month Dries Up?

At the beginning of May, I got an email that went something like this: “Google has noticed some irregular activity on your site and believes that you are posting unnatural links. For this reason, your Page Rank has been downgraded until you correct the issue.” This is not the email you want to see when you are enjoying your morning coffee (or ever for that matter). I knew this wasn’t going to be good, but I wasn’t really prepared for what this meant for my monthly income.

Blogging Income

Ever since 2011, I have proven that earning $1,000 per month was possible with a simple blog. In fact, for a brief moment back in 2012, I was fortunate enough to earn an additional $3,000 or $4,000 by working an additional 20 hours per week. It was fantastic!

Now, after this terrible email from Google, my income has basically dried up completely. This once-consistent grand per month has now become zero.

Think of It as Bonus Money

Thankfully, I never inflated my lifestyle to depend on this extra thousand dollars per month (or more). I simply used it to pay down my debts at a rapid rate, and was going to invest the additional money in the future when all of the debts were gone.

Be sure to use your money in the same way. Only consider it to be bonus money. Put it toward your debts, use a portion of it as a vacation fund, or stash it away immediately in your investments, but DO NOT count on this money to pay your mortgage or car payments. Developing an extra thousand bucks each month can be a powerful feeling, but if it suddenly leaves you, you do not want it to leave you ruined. Only consider it as a bonus and nothing more.

Where Will I Go From Here?

Thankfully, there is a chance that Google will change their mind. When I received the email, I almost immediately altered my site so that it complied with Google’s policies. I then sent them an email telling them of the changes and that they would hopefully reconsider my Page Rank. Of course, they will not instantaneously flip the switch to give me my Rank back, but after 6 weeks or so I hope to be back in business.

Even though I am not making money in the way that I used to, my blog still gives me plenty of opportunity for earning money in the future. I can still write articles for other sites for a fee (which keeps my income up around $250 a month – hey, it’s better than nothing), and I could begin putting on seminars, which is what I should have started doing long ago. This could lead to better book sales and could land me quite a nice side income if I can grow my audience to a few hundred people at a time at these seminars.

In addition to this, I have focused more on other types of side businesses, like eco-friendly lawn mowing. I own an old school reel mower (I originally bought it for $30 off Craigslist) and there are many small lawns in my area. At $15 or $20 a lawn, I can earn almost $40 per hour and enjoy the outdoors at the same time! So far, this business has only netted me about $100 this past month, but again, it’s just a start to what could be a very profitable venture.

Don’t Stop Working That Brain of Yours

The main message of this post is for you not to settle or get blindsided by an unfortunate circumstance. Bad things are bound to happen to you. Murphy will happen to all of us at one point or another – in the near future, or many years from now – but as long as you keep working that brain of yours, you should be able to continue earning an income and get back to your additional thousand dollars each month. While I may be in a transitional period right now, I fully expect to start earning my extra thousand bucks in one form or fashion in the very near future. J

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