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Dying a Slow Death

Last summer my daughter wanted to plant a box garden so we went out and got some wood along with some soil and seeds. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots with plans of eating from the bounty during the summer. Well, life got busy and my daughter lost interest so all we managed to get out of that garden was a few sickly tomatoes, some malformed carrots and yellowish ugly cucumbers. Needless to say, failing to tend to the garden, weed it, and water it appropriately led to its demise over time.

A Slow Blog Death

The same holds true for most anything in life including blogs. Recently, I have been witnessing a disturbing trend. Traffic at this blog and at Cash Flow Mantra have been declining (at least last month, Penny Thots seems to have reversed course). You can see it in the numbers below:

Month Cash Flow Mantra

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Don’t Give Up Your Blog Too Soon

I continually run across individuals who advocate blogging for at least two years in order to realize its greatest potential. I ran into another one this past week. The two year figure is constantly showing up so it must be true and there must be an underlying reason to it, although I am sure that it would be hard to pinpoint.

Unfortunately, blogging is truly a marathon and not a sprint so you must continue to plug away at it while getting seemingly little in return. The only thing that I can offer is to sit down, keep going, and mark your calendars. In the meantime, I will offer encouragement by posting several links that would suggest you need to stick it out for two years.

Bloggers Suggesting Two Years

I have mentioned Len Penzo on this blog before. It took him 31 months to reach one million views, but

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Four Reasons that Content is King

When I wrote about six tips for making a grand per month as a part-time blogger, I promised that I would delve a little deeper into each of those six items. Well, now is the time to look more closely at the importance of your content. We have all heard the adage, “Content is King” and assume that the statement is true.

I have to say that I agree with the statement and would state that you should be spending the majority of your blogging time working on creating good content. But what is it that makes content so important? Here are four reasons that you should be focusing on your content when working on your blog.

1. Content Defines the Blog’s Purpose

Ultimately, the purpose for the existence of the blog is defined by and reflected in the content that appears on the blog. The purpose of this blog

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