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Make It Easier to Make a Grand Per Month: Offer Multiple Services

So, you have made the decision to make a grand per month on the side. You have picked a job and have found a client or two, but you still aren’t making the kind of money that you had hoped, or you aren’t finding clients as quickly as you would like. Does this sound familiar?

If it does, you may want to think about expanding your services.

Suggestions for Types of Services to Offer

I know, people always say you should specialize. We all know the phrase, “Jack of all trades and master of nothing.” However, in the beginning, offering several services may be just what you need to make a grand per month quickly.

For instance, let’s say you decide to become a resume writer. If business is slow in the beginning, maybe you could offer several services besides resume writing. Other similar services that you could offer may

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Turning Your Side Income into Your Main Income

The following post is from Melissa who blogs at Mom’s Plans who made the transition to working at home so she writes from experience.

Perhaps you picked up a side gig to pay down debt or to increase your savings. Maybe you did it because your day job is not as fulfilling as you would like or does not utilize your talents. Whatever the reason, people often start side gigs because they get to do something they love AND get paid for it. I was ecstatic when I began writing for pay, and even more so when my writing business grew. If you have a profitable side gig that you enjoy and are good at, you may find your little side business growing into a larger endeavor than you planned. The next natural step is to wonder if the time is right to quit your full-time job to pursue

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