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Earn a Grand Per Month In Your Retirement

At this moment, my dad is retired and my mom will be retiring in the next 20 days. They have some money stashed away in their retirement account, but if they happen to live for another 20 years, their money will almost certainly be long gone.

Since I live and breathe finance, my dad started asking me questions about what they should do with the money that they do have. “Will the stock market crash soon? Should I put my investments in something other than stocks and bonds? What is a good hedge investment that will allow me to keep my money over the next 20+ years?” These are all great questions, but to be honest, nobody can answer them with 100% certainty (not even me!).

My Best Advice For My Dad and Mom

While my mom and dad were hoping that I had the magic answer of what they

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Make a Grand Per Month to Pad Your Retirement

You probably know those people who are used to being on the go. They must stay busy to be happy. . . and then they retire and aren’t busy or happy anymore.

Or, perhaps you know those who hit a bump in their thirties or forties or later thanks to job loss or caring for children or elderly parents and had to leave or reduce their time in the workplace. As a result, their retirement is much smaller than they would like.

Or, some retire in their early sixties but would like to wait to withdraw much of their retirement income until they are 70. They just need a bit of cash to see them through.

How Making a Grand Per Month is Suitable for Retirees

What do all of these people have in common? They can benefit from making a grand per month.

Many people can’t handle the day-to-day

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Turning Your Side Income into Your Main Income

The following post is from Melissa who blogs at Mom’s Plans who made the transition to working at home so she writes from experience.

Perhaps you picked up a side gig to pay down debt or to increase your savings. Maybe you did it because your day job is not as fulfilling as you would like or does not utilize your talents. Whatever the reason, people often start side gigs because they get to do something they love AND get paid for it. I was ecstatic when I began writing for pay, and even more so when my writing business grew. If you have a profitable side gig that you enjoy and are good at, you may find your little side business growing into a larger endeavor than you planned. The next natural step is to wonder if the time is right to quit your full-time job to pursue

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