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Most Popular Posts on Making Extra Money

Grand per Month was started with a goal of offering up ideas and advice on how to begin making extra money in your spare time with a goal of actually making an extra $1000 per month. Imagine what you could do with that much extra cash flow in your budget. If you have been living paycheck to paycheck as many of us are, the extra wiggle room could be enough to start paying off debt or begin saving an emergency fund.

Whatever your motivation or particular needs, having more money than month is a good thing which is the first step to financial freedom. So let’s take a look at the most popular posts from the blog for the year.

Most Popular Posts for 2012

How to Make $1000 Per Month With Stock Dividends–It looks like everyone loves the idea of passive income. Invest in some stocks and sit back

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Make a Grand Per Month to Pad Your Retirement

You probably know those people who are used to being on the go. They must stay busy to be happy. . . and then they retire and aren’t busy or happy anymore.

Or, perhaps you know those who hit a bump in their thirties or forties or later thanks to job loss or caring for children or elderly parents and had to leave or reduce their time in the workplace. As a result, their retirement is much smaller than they would like.

Or, some retire in their early sixties but would like to wait to withdraw much of their retirement income until they are 70. They just need a bit of cash to see them through.

How Making a Grand Per Month is Suitable for Retirees

What do all of these people have in common? They can benefit from making a grand per month.

Many people can’t handle the day-to-day

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Consider Employment Benefits Before Taking a Part-Time Job

Sometimes making a grand per month is not just about the extra cash in your pocket but the generous benefits that you receive.

Yes, it would be nice to make an extra grand per month in cash, but sometimes it is worthwhile to make less at a part-time job that also pays you generous benefits such as health care and a 401k.

Health Insurance

If you do not currently have health insurance and you get a part-time job that pays your health insurance, how much is that perk saving you? Of course, you are saving the cost of the premium that the company pays for you as well as the entire expense you would have had to pay without insurance that your insurance now covers.

For instance, once a week, my son gets physical therapy. This therapy costs $141 a session, which we could not afford to pay if we

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