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Set Your Goals High

Have you set your goals for the 2014 season? Perhaps more importantly, have you set your goals for the next 5 years or 10 years? If you are young, you should even have goals for the next 40 years. Sure, many of them will be altered by the time you reach that marker in time, but the very fact that you have a conscientious goal written down somewhere will make it much more likely that you’ll accomplish something of importance in life, rather than just living from one day to the next.

Aim High, Don’t Worry About Missing

I set goals for myself all the time. I have found that it is the best way to get things done – otherwise I may get into the typical habit of putting it off for tomorrow. You must know people like that. When you ask them when they plan on doing something,

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Make Your Challenge an Opportunity

Is life getting you down right now? Do you wake up in the morning and just lay there, wondering why you really need to go through the same dull routine again? You know, you might feel like you’re the only person that’s going through what you’re going through, but to be completely blunt, you aren’t special in this. There are thousands, maybe even millions of people that are facing the same challenges as you each day. Some handle life’s challenges better than others, but those that face their challenges head on and create opportunities are the ones that truly make a name for themselves. I challenge you to be one of these people.

My Challenges

If your life hasn’t been the best lately, I can definitely relate. I am only 27 years old, but I know what it’s like to love someone, vow to be by their side through better

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It’s Been Hard to Stay Motivated

Life gets busy. And maybe it isn’t that it has been hard to stay motivated, but that other activities have cut into the time that I could otherwise be using for writing and working on my blogs. Softball is just one of those activities. I am playing softball 2 nights per week which occupies at least 3 hours of time each evening by the time I get ready, go to the game, play, then come home and shower. Sometimes it takes more if the game doesn’t start on time. Of course, by the time I get showered and eat something (I don’t eat before playing), it is time to get to sleep.

I could probably get at least 4 blog posts done during those times and keep up with the blogs that are in my reader. I have over 1000 items that I haven’t reviewed. I will likely just have

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

Last week, I asked what your motivation is for making extra money each month. It could be paying off debt, saving for something special such as a vacation or a new boat, or it could be because you have no choice and are simply trying to make ends meet in this tough economy. Survival is a big motivator. I know since there was a time that I was working 3 jobs to help keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

For me, it seemed easy to stay motivated if there was an end in sight such as graduating with a degree. You realize that there is a specific set of tasks to accomplish within a set time frame along with an order to the classes. However, when working on making extra income by building a business, there is no set outline. There are many different ways

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What’s Your Motivation?

What is your motivation to make an extra grand per month? What would you do with an extra $1000 each and every month? The amount of desire and need that you have for the money could very well determine your ability to succeed.

Are you struggling to make ends meet in this lousy economy and depend upon payday loans for the necessities of life? Are you like me and want to pay off some debt using the extra money that you make so you can get some breathing room? Are you able to get by but unable to save for retirement like 49% of Americans? Or do you simply want a little more money to enjoy life?

Identify Your Reason for Making More Money

If you are reading this site regularly, then you are probably looking for ideas on making extra money which we provide every Monday. But knowing

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