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What Could an Extra Grand Per Month Do For You?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “What would an extra thousand bucks a month do for your life?” My wife and I recently had a mission to pay off all of our debt and earned an extra $1,000 a month by blogging about our experiences along the way. Not only did the blog help us stay on track with our budget, but it also created a revenue stream because so many people could relate to our debt-free goal, as well as our challenges along the way.

You Need to Have a Reason

If you have dreams of making an extra thousand dollars a month, but have no real reason for gaining it, then you’ll never see that money! When my wife and I were paying off debt, we were looking forward to the day where we owed absolutely nothing to anyone. We couldn’t wait to taste the sweet flavor

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What’s Your Motivation?

What is your motivation to make an extra grand per month? What would you do with an extra $1000 each and every month? The amount of desire and need that you have for the money could very well determine your ability to succeed.

Are you struggling to make ends meet in this lousy economy and depend upon payday loans for the necessities of life? Are you like me and want to pay off some debt using the extra money that you make so you can get some breathing room? Are you able to get by but unable to save for retirement like 49% of Americans? Or do you simply want a little more money to enjoy life?

Identify Your Reason for Making More Money

If you are reading this site regularly, then you are probably looking for ideas on making extra money which we provide every Monday. But knowing

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Dealing with Adversity

When trying to make extra money for whatever reason and using whatever method, you are bound to be faced with adversity and setbacks. How you deal with those situations will help to determine your ultimate level of success. Are you one to just give up and claim that it is too difficult to make it? Are you apt to blame outside influences for your situation? Or are you one to continue to fight and struggle, adapting your methods and figuring out new solutions to problems as they present themselves?

Recently, a situation occurred that will make it more difficult to make money with my main blog, Cash Flow Mantra. I could have given up, but I will continue to work on the blog and build traffic developing other sources of income. In fact, I even have devised another way to make income with the blog and simply have to work

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