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Make a Grand Per Month Painting Houses

Have you ever driven past houses and thought, “Sheesh, when are they going to paint that house? It looks terrible!” Yes, it may look terrible, but many people avoid painting their house because it is just so expensive!In fact, I have avoided painting my house for 3 years because of the quotes I have received from various painting companies. To do the exterior of my house as well as my garage, I have been quoted over $4,000 from one of the cheapest bidders.

Up until this year, I just assumed that I had to get an outside company to paint my house, but you know what? Painting the exterior of a house is not all that difficult. You just need to power wash the dirt off, wait for it to dry, and then set up a really long ladder (for my house at least – it’s a 2 story) and

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Make a Grand Per Month By Making Your Home a Vacation Rental

Are you one of the many Americans who had a home, condo, or townhouse and then had to move to a different area of the country, but you’ve had no luck selling your home in the old location? Whether people move to be closer to family or for a job, many Americans are stressed because they’re paying for two homes–one in the new location and one in the old location.

If your previous home is in a desirable location such as in a big city or by a lake, take a deep breath and relax. You may be able to take your home and turn it into a vacation rental by owner.

Vacation rentals by owners offer accommodations in a home setting. These are perfect for large parties or families that are traveling. They’re also attractive to visitors because they’re generally cheaper than hotels, and they also have amenities like

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How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Softball Umpire

Here in the Midwestern United States, softball season is in full swing. In fact, I am playing in 2 leagues which occupies two nights per week. This makes keeping up with the blog somewhat difficult. But I figure that I should enjoy playing while I still can. However, if you are looking to make some extra money, want to enjoy the outdoors, and like softball, maybe becoming a softball umpire is just what could make you a grand per month.

When I was younger and my kids played soccer, I worked as a soccer referee. There is a fair amount of running involved, but it seems like being a softball umpire would be easier on my knees. I haven’t looked into the specifics of becoming a softball umpire, but it can’t be much different than my experience with soccer.

There are usually classes that will teach you many of the

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