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Make a Grand Per Month Detailing Cars

Are you looking for a great way to make a grand per month with a side-gig? Well I think I have the perfect solution for you: detailing cars. By this I mean, washing the outside of the car, waxing it, vacuuming the inside, and shining up the dash with a wet wipe (and perhaps even cleaning up the vents with a Q-tip).

My nephew is a few semesters into his college life and is quickly realizing how expensive it really is! His class load is constant, but his bank account is depleting. He would love to graduate from college without any debt (as I have taught him), but with a couple of $10 an hour jobs, he just doesn’t see where it is going to pay off. So I got to brainstorming – what can a 19 year old kid do that will make him some decent money and allow

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Make $1,000 a Month With Your Passion

Do you have a passion in life? What is it that you think about when you wake up in the morning? Is it running? Golf? Teaching? Whatever the case may be, I’m fairly certain that your passion and your work are nothing alike. Sometimes, it just happens that way, but what if you could make a change? What if you could start living your passion and actually earning money for it? You might not believe me, but it’s entirely possible for almost every passion.

Do It Professionally

If you truly love your passion and are dang good at it, then why not practice up and go at it professionally? Do you love to play an instrument? Why not dust that thing off and start practicing? You could join a small group of instrumentalists in your area and then later, you might be able to play for a larger, paying gig!

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Cutting the Grass And Earning $1,000 Per Month

The following post is from Derek at Life and My Finances.

Do you currently own a house of your own? If you do, then I would suspect that you own a lawn mower as well! Were you aware that you could be earning $1,000 a month with that piece of equipment? It’s the absolute truth! Let’s explore your options and start earning some dough!

How Much Could You Earn Per Cut?

As people are taking on more and more responsibilities at work and outside of the home, there are fewer moments to take care of the reoccurring tasks around the house, such as mowing the lawn, weeding, and taking care of the general landscape.

Last summer, my wife and I purchased our very first home. Since it was a foreclosure, there was some work to be done, and that meant that our lawn was severely neglected. Even when I

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How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Realtor

Being a realtor almost has a negative connotation these days with the bursting of the real estate bubble and the perception that realtors make money from commissions that they don’t deserve. There may be times when a realtor has to do very little and the houses seem to sell themselves, but that time is past. It is no longer a sellers’ market. In many parts of the country, buyers have the upper hand so your house has to be noticed in order to sell. You need to know your competition and be able to price the property correctly. Enter the realtor.

Becoming a realtor is relatively simple but will vary somewhat from state to state. In Indiana, the prospective realtor must be 18 years old and take a 54 hour course prior to taking a licensing exam. Licensed realtors must take continuing education courses as well in order to maintain

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Welcome To Grand Per Month!

Welcome to the Grand Per Month blog! I am excited about starting this new online venture because this idea started with a single quest. You see, as I started my own blog, I began to run across earnings reports by other bloggers and saw that several of them were making a substantial sum of money to the tune of several thousand dollars each month. Well, that made sense to me because that was their full-time business. I make several thousand dollars a month as well working 50-60 hours per week. What I wanted to know was if it was possible to be a part-time blogger making $1000 per month.

As it turns out, it is totally possible, and I am living proof. I wrote my article looking for part-time bloggers making four figures in the middle of September and a mere six weeks later, I had made just over that

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