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If You Want to Stay Rich, You Need to Think Cheaper

Do you know anyone that got a pretty decent promotion and almost immediately increased their standard of living? They most likely went out and bought themselves a fancy new car (to fit the role of their fancy new job) and maybe even moved into a larger executive home as well. Instead of shopping at a discount grocery store, they begin to buy their food at the more upscale store down the street. Everything just seems to become bigger and better, so what do you think happens to their overall cash flow? Most of the time their cash flow (the money that they have left after the bills are paid) goes unchanged or even goes down a little! If you want to stay rich, you need to think cheaper.

Think Cheap, Yet Effective

When I was 20 years old, my goal was to increase my discretionary income to $500 a month

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My Experience with Cutting Grass and Extra Income

I really like what Derek did with this week’s idea for making an extra grand per month by cutting grass. This was actually the first way that I made real money in 1980 when I was 12 years old. In the summer, I went around the neighborhood and put 3 x 5 cards in mailboxes offering my lawn cutting services. I managed to secure 5 clients and cut their lawns once per week. Four of the lawns were 1/2 acre like ours and the one across the street was a double lot on the corner which made it a full acre.

It took me 2 hours to cut the smaller lots with a push mower and twice as long for the larger lot. I was paid $10 for the smaller ones and $20 for the larger one. Boy, I thought it was the greatest thing to make so much money

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Cutting the Grass And Earning $1,000 Per Month

The following post is from Derek at Life and My Finances.

Do you currently own a house of your own? If you do, then I would suspect that you own a lawn mower as well! Were you aware that you could be earning $1,000 a month with that piece of equipment? It’s the absolute truth! Let’s explore your options and start earning some dough!

How Much Could You Earn Per Cut?

As people are taking on more and more responsibilities at work and outside of the home, there are fewer moments to take care of the reoccurring tasks around the house, such as mowing the lawn, weeding, and taking care of the general landscape.

Last summer, my wife and I purchased our very first home. Since it was a foreclosure, there was some work to be done, and that meant that our lawn was severely neglected. Even when I

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