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Earn a Grand Per Month In Your Retirement

At this moment, my dad is retired and my mom will be retiring in the next 20 days. They have some money stashed away in their retirement account, but if they happen to live for another 20 years, their money will almost certainly be long gone.

Since I live and breathe finance, my dad started asking me questions about what they should do with the money that they do have. “Will the stock market crash soon? Should I put my investments in something other than stocks and bonds? What is a good hedge investment that will allow me to keep my money over the next 20+ years?” These are all great questions, but to be honest, nobody can answer them with 100% certainty (not even me!).

My Best Advice For My Dad and Mom

While my mom and dad were hoping that I had the magic answer of what they

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Investing Your Extra Grand Per Month

After making an extra grand per month for awhile, you may find that you have paid off all your debts and have established accounts for larger ticket items like an emergency fund, retirement or college savings, or automobile replacement. But you may find that you still have some money left over in the budget and want to begin investing. The question is: where to start?

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

First, start off by asking about your risk tolerance. Do you have plenty of other funds and can afford to lose some? Would the thought of losing money keep you awake at night? These types of questions can point you toward certain investments. Less risky investments such as CD’s or balanced mutual funds might be appropriate as you near retirement. On the other hand you might want to speculate in commodities or forex.

Risk can sometimes be a manifestation of

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Make a Grand Per Month with Foreign Exchange Trading

There are several markets in which an individual can make a profit by trading and foreign exchange is one of them. Or perhaps you have a business that trades products internationally and want to hedge your foreign currency risk. Well, then you should look at forex. Having some basic knowledge of currency trading can benefit your bottom line. While this article won’t be an exhaustive resource on forex, I will touch on some of the basics.

Let’s say that you want to trade currencies to make an extra grand per month. You would start by opening an account for trading. There are many different brokers and most likely, you could find one online. I checked with my online broker and others that I have used in the past and several have the ability to trade foreign currencies. So opening and funding an account would be relatively straightforward.

Next, it is

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How to Make $1000 Per Month Selling Covered Calls

About a month ago, I wrote about making a grand per month with stock dividends. Dividends can be a nice source of passive income only the problem is that quite a bit of investment capital is required to make $1000 per month. At a 4% yield, it takes $300,000 worth of stocks in order to generate $12,000 in a year.

Now there is another way to make money with a stock portfolio besides relying on dividends. I am talking about selling covered calls. A call option gives the owner the right to purchase a stock at a specified price called the strike price on or before a particular date. For this right, the call buyer will give the call seller a premium. It is these premiums that can provide the extra grand per month that we seek.

Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income

The nice thing about selling calls is

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