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Make a Grand Per Month Watching Kids

Are you thinking about starting a family, but you’re concerned with the loss of one of your full time incomes? My friends are currently in this predicament, and they need to figure out how to how to replace the wife’s income. If they can’t, she’ll have to go back to work. And, like many first time moms, that is most definitely not the desired option.

Just like many other moms that wish to stay at home, the thought is to take care of a few other kids at the same time, and make a few bucks doing it. This, in and of itself though, is not that easy. It takes quite a lot of thought and planning, so let’s dig in and find out how much money can be made through this avenue.

Who Do You Know?

In order to add some extra kids to your home each day, you’ll

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Aim to Save a Grand Per Month

This site has been devoted to helping readers make extra money each month, at least a grand or more, by offering ideas for making the extra money as well as motivation and tips to aid readers in their journey. Some of the ways that we have highlighted include blogging, working as a freelance writer or virtual assistant, or even cutting grass or cleaning houses. These activities take little money up front but do require some of your time to make them happen.

You may not make $1000 per month right off the bat, but you can begin to make extra cash that will help with your monthly budget allowing you to pay off debt, save for retirement or get that new car. Just getting a little wiggle room in the budget can make a huge difference in your life. Eventually you might been able to save a grand per month

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Making a Grand Per Month to Stay Out of Debt

The following is a post from Melissa at Mom’s Plans

Making a grand per month can do many wonderful things for you and your family—you can save for retirement, save for your child’s college education, or use the money to become debt free. However, sometimes extra money is needed just to make your budget work.

The adage is to spend less than you earn, but what if your earnings are too small to meet your expenses? What if you are frugal, but you are in a low paying position such as a paid internship or a graduate assistantship and you just can’t make ends meet? What if you have unexpected expenses such as medical bills or an expensive car repair, and you don’t have enough money saved to pay cash?

In many cases, the option is to use credit cards, which can start the downward cycle of credit card

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Earnings Report for February 2012

Well, February was a short month and that was reflected in the earnings. I needed about 60 days for the month of February to have turned out decent. Oh well, making money online with blogging is going to have good months and not-so-good months so I guess I got one of the poor ones out of the way. Now March can be better, huh?

In case you didn’t see my January earnings report, I will explain that this report includes all of my online earnings activities from my two main blogs, Cash Flow Mantra and this one, from AdSense, and from all of the affiliate programs to which I belong. Currently, I am grouping my earnings into one lump sum since I definitely don’t want to fall afoul of any terms of service, especially AdSense. So I won’t be breaking any of that information out at this time.

I should

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