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Earnings Report for May 2012

It is that time of the month again (the first Saturday) when I publish my online earnings for all of my blogs and other online activities. I lump all of the revenue together and only include that money which actually gets into my pocket so there might be some money hanging out there which has yet to make a payout threshold. If you read April’s report, you knew that I actually lost money online for the first time ever. Bummer. But May was better so let’s get into it, shall we.

Starting with the revenue:

Gross Online Earnings for May 2012: $290.28

Total Expenses for May 2012: $188.50

Author Payments: $85.24 for this blog to Melissa and Derek Advertising Payment Commission: $25.00 Hosting: $9.95 for Host Gator. Plus $5.05 for domain name. I am an affiliate and if you want to sign up, feel free to use the banner on

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How Do You Handle Failure?

At the beginning of the month, it was my intention to try and write an article per day for publication at HubPages. I started out strong, but then missed a few days. Now it happened because I was working hard (75 hours in one week) and was in no condition to write after spending so much mental energy at my job. This is my most recent example, but I could point to several other instances when I failed to accomplish goals that I had set before me.

If you want to put it into the context of this blog and making extra money each month, then you only have to look at April’s earnings report to see that I actually lost money online because my revenues declined substantially and I had some bigger than normal expenses.

After these setbacks, it would be easy to just give up and not bother

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Emulating Successful Entrepreneurs

When was the last time you wanted a hamburger and fries? Have you ever stopped to think about all of the choices that you have for such a basic food item? There are White Castle, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, In-and-Out Burger, Five Guys, Dairy Queen, Sonic, and the list could continue on and on. Why are there so many? Because selling burgers and fries is a successful formula.

What is it that you would like to do to make some extra money each month? Are you looking to make extra money cleaning houses? Working as a virtual assistant? Or any other number of ways that we have or will be mentioning on this site? Well then I would suggest finding someone who is successful in that area and emulating their success. You might even decide to contact that person and try to pick their brain, especially if you will not

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Earnings Report for January 2012

I have been somewhat reluctant to publish my earnings for my other blog despite my interest in looking at other bloggers earnings. Maybe as the numbers get really big, I might change my mind again, but for now I thought that it would be appropriate since I am blogging about making an extra $1000 per month. Plus since I am part of the $30K Challenge, I have a second reason to publish my online earnings.

When I report my earnings, they will include all of my online writing activities. Currently I have this blog which you are reading, I have Cash Flow Mantra, and I write at HubPages. My earning sources include private advertising, AdSense, the HubPages Ad Program, eBay affiliate income via HubPages, and Amazon affiliate income. I am also an affiliate with Host Gator but haven’t earned anything at all with that so it really doesn’t matter yet.

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