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One of the Main Keys to Wealth

If you ask your friends the question, “What are the main keys to wealth?” you will most likely get a wide variety of answers. If your friends are not wealthy themselves, they might give you answers like, “Having good credit” or “Job jumping to increase your income.” But, if they actually have wealth themselves, then they might tell you to rid yourself of your debts or even to reduce the number of depretiating assets that you own.

As I continue to grow older and more mature, I am beginning to realize that there is another important factor in retaining your wealth, especially in your old age.

The Rising Cost of Health Insurance

With each passing year, the cost of health insurance continues to increase to greater heights than we have ever seen before. Instead of operations becoming more cost effective, they are actually increasing in price. In the same light,

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A Grand Saved is a Grand Earned

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But with inflation, a penny doesn’t go near as far as it used to. Of course it would be awesome if you could save a grand from your expenses each month and maybe for some it is possible. But even if you can’t manage to save up $1000 in a month, freeing up some cash flow can go a long way toward easing the strain on a tight budget. So here are 5 easy ways to save money that can get you started on the right foot.

1. Stop Making Car Payments

The average car payment is roughly $450-500 so not having a car payment can save you quite a bit each month. Maybe you are within 12 months of paying off that car so it might be best to keep it running, drive it for a few

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Make a Grand Per Month as a Nutrition Coach

Make a Grand Per Month as a Nutrition Coach

Are you always reading the latest research about what we should eat? Have you taken nutrition courses? Do you like to prepare healthy meals for your family and educate others about what foods people should eat to maximize their energy and nourish their bodies? If so, then you may want to be a nutrition coach.

What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

A nutrition coach can do a variety of tasks. You could go to your client’s house and go through their cupboards and pantry, showing them what foods they have that are good for them as well as which ones are unhealthy and should be tossed. You’ll need to be able to explain to them why the foods are unhealthy and what healthier replacements they can use instead.

In addition, some nutrition coaches actually go grocery shopping with their clients once

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How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Shaklee Distributor

This post is from Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. Their products range from nutritional and weight loss aids to natural cleaning products. I recently had the opportunity to discuss Shaklee with Erin, at Healthy Branscoms, who first became a Shaklee distributor because her doctor suggested she take supplements for migraines and seizures. Erin became a distributor by default; she was looking to find a deal buying the products, and by buying a distributor kit, she got half of her products for free. She felt and looked so much better after taking the Shaklee products that people asked her what her secret was and began buying Shaklee products for themselves. She is amazed at how her business has grown. In fact, she plans to quit her full-time law enforcement job to sell Shaklee full-time and stay home with her young

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How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Personal Trainer

The following post is by JT of Cash Flow Mantra.

The whole purpose of this blog is to help you come up with ideas to make money on a part-time basis meaning about 2-3 hours per day or 15-20 hours per week. This can be done on the weekdays after regular employment, on the weekends, or even in some spare time when staying at home raising children. In order to make $1000 each month with that type of schedule, then we should target hourly revenue of $15. If that hourly income is possible, then it is a valid idea worth pursuing. Otherwise, you might as well get a second job.

Making Money as a Personal Trainer

As I am writing this, I am still somewhat tired from working out with my personal trainer which got me to thinking about how it might be possible to make some extra money each

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