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Facebook Groups: Advertise Your Business for Free

One of the most difficult parts of establishing a new business is finding customers, especially if funds are tight. How do you find new customers when you don’t have the money to pay for advertising?

Sure, word-of-mouth referrals fuel many businesses, but until you get a substantial amount of customers, you can’t rely exclusively on those types of referrals. First, you have to get the word out about your business.

Enter Facebook Groups, which may be the perfect way to advertise your business for free and find new clients.

Find The Perfect Group for Your Business

The first step to successfully market your business for free is to find a Facebook group that would match with your business. Let’s say you’re in the business of finding designer kids’ clothes at garage sales and selling them on eBay. You might search Facebook and find that there are two groups that would

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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Others How to Take Great Photos

The right photo can make all the difference. From capturing the image of love on the faces of a newly married couple, to the adorable tiny foot of a newborn, to a beautiful nature scene, excellent photographs can move us emotionally and take us back to a special time in our lives.

If you have a knack for taking great photos, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a grand per month doing what you love. We’ve already talked here about several ways you can make money with photography from selling your photos to being a wedding photographer.

However, there is an exciting new way to make money from your photography skills–teach others how to take excellent photos themselves.

Bloggers Need to Learn How to Take Better Pictures

Blogs are not new, but many, many blogs are mostly text with very few photos. This wasn’t really an issue

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Join Pinterest to Grow Your Side Gig

If you’re an entrepreneur whose started your own gig or would like to (which I’m assuming you are because you’re reading this blog!), one medium you can’t ignore is Pinterest. Pinterest has more power to engage your customers than Facebook or Twitter!

I know, you may have put off joining Pinterest because you think it’s just a place for women to go to waste time. (I actually had an artist friend tell me that when I tried to convince her to join Pinterest to advertise her drawings and paintings of Great Danes.) If that’s what you think, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business exponentially.

We’re all visual people, and an eye catching photo can lead people, hundreds of people, from Pinterest to your website, increasing your traffic and your sales. Whether you’re a blogger, freelance writer, crafter, or anything else in between, joining Pinterest and

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Dying a Slow Death

Last summer my daughter wanted to plant a box garden so we went out and got some wood along with some soil and seeds. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots with plans of eating from the bounty during the summer. Well, life got busy and my daughter lost interest so all we managed to get out of that garden was a few sickly tomatoes, some malformed carrots and yellowish ugly cucumbers. Needless to say, failing to tend to the garden, weed it, and water it appropriately led to its demise over time.

A Slow Blog Death

The same holds true for most anything in life including blogs. Recently, I have been witnessing a disturbing trend. Traffic at this blog and at Cash Flow Mantra have been declining (at least last month, Penny Thots seems to have reversed course). You can see it in the numbers below:

Month Cash Flow Mantra

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