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How to Make a Grand Per Month as a Personal Chef

Do you love to cook? Do people tell you that your food is delicious and request that you bring specific dishes to parties? Have you worked in catering or gone to culinary school? If so, you may want to explore making a grand per month as a personal chef.

What Tasks Are Required as a Personal Chef?

As a personal chef, you make people’s lives easier by providing a healthier alternative to fast food pick up and restaurant meals. You will grocery shop for your clients to buy all the ingredients for the meals as well as make the meals. You will also create menu plans that the client can use to choose what meals he or she would like for the week.

What Certification Is Required?

If you have a culinary or catering background, you will be perfectly suited for this job, though good home cooks can also become

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Make a Grand per Month Writing Resumes

While the economy is rebounding, many are still looking for a job, which makes it a great time to create a side gig writing resumes. (Even in a strong economy, resume writers are generally in demand because resume writing seems to be a dying art form.)

To become a resume writer, you may want to take some classes or even buy an eBook to learn how to write resumes. (There are plenty on the Internet; just make sure to pick an eBook that offers a cash back guarantee.)

Services to Offer

To make the most of your resume writing service, you can offer a tiered approach. You could offer basic typing services (meaning the job seeker already has the content for the resume and just needs you to type it up and make it look nice), as well as a full resume service where you create the resume for your

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It’s Been Hard to Stay Motivated

Life gets busy. And maybe it isn’t that it has been hard to stay motivated, but that other activities have cut into the time that I could otherwise be using for writing and working on my blogs. Softball is just one of those activities. I am playing softball 2 nights per week which occupies at least 3 hours of time each evening by the time I get ready, go to the game, play, then come home and shower. Sometimes it takes more if the game doesn’t start on time. Of course, by the time I get showered and eat something (I don’t eat before playing), it is time to get to sleep.

I could probably get at least 4 blog posts done during those times and keep up with the blogs that are in my reader. I have over 1000 items that I haven’t reviewed. I will likely just have

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