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How to Save Thousands of Dollars

While it is admirable to make a thousand dollars per month, it can be just as beneficial to save a thousand dollars.Have you ever really thought about how much you could save if you took a real look at your current bills?

About a year ago, I figured I was spending as little as possible, but I wasn’t budgeting my income or expenses at the time. Starting in January, I decided to set a monstrous goal for myself: paying off my house loan. This would require me to increase my income and spend very little on expenses. It was time for me to figure out if there was anywhere I could save.

The Phone Bill

As I was setting up my January budget, I realized that my phone bill was $85 a month. Suddenly (since I actually had a goal to pay off that massive debt), this bill seemed a

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A Grand Saved is a Grand Earned

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But with inflation, a penny doesn’t go near as far as it used to. Of course it would be awesome if you could save a grand from your expenses each month and maybe for some it is possible. But even if you can’t manage to save up $1000 in a month, freeing up some cash flow can go a long way toward easing the strain on a tight budget. So here are 5 easy ways to save money that can get you started on the right foot.

1. Stop Making Car Payments

The average car payment is roughly $450-500 so not having a car payment can save you quite a bit each month. Maybe you are within 12 months of paying off that car so it might be best to keep it running, drive it for a few

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10 Tax Deductions for a Home-Based Business

If you run a home based business that earns at least $600 a year, you know that when tax time comes around each year, you could be losing your shirt! After all, you’ve most likely gone the entire year without paying a dime in taxes, and now that Uncle Sam knows how much you earned, you could very well be paying in large amounts of money to both the Federal Government as well as the State…. that is, unless you discover all of your potential deductions.

Let’s take a look at 10 common deductions that could keep some more green in your pocket each year:

1) Your Home Office – If you have a designated work area that has a window, you are allowed to deduct that expense on your taxes.

2) Office Supplies – With nearly every home-based business there is a need for pens, pencils, paper, staplers, etc.

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Self-Employment and Tax Advantages

The following is a post by Derek from Life and My Finances.

When you work for a company, paying taxes is pretty simple isn’t it? You don’t need to keep track of your income or the amount of taxes you’ve paid in. Your company keeps tabs on all of that for you, and then they send you a W-2 after the year is over! Then, the only tax form you need to fill out is the 1040 which is incredibly straightforward and self-explanatory. Yes, working for a company sure is a breeze when tax time comes around.

It May Be Easy, But Is It The Most Beneficial?

Filling out a 1040 is pretty easy (and cheap if you need to get it done), but it it really beneficial? What if you had a home-based business? What is it like keeping track of all of your own tax information? Is it

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Earnings Report for May 2012

It is that time of the month again (the first Saturday) when I publish my online earnings for all of my blogs and other online activities. I lump all of the revenue together and only include that money which actually gets into my pocket so there might be some money hanging out there which has yet to make a payout threshold. If you read April’s report, you knew that I actually lost money online for the first time ever. Bummer. But May was better so let’s get into it, shall we.

Starting with the revenue:

Gross Online Earnings for May 2012: $290.28

Total Expenses for May 2012: $188.50

Author Payments: $85.24 for this blog to Melissa and Derek Advertising Payment Commission: $25.00 Hosting: $9.95 for Host Gator. Plus $5.05 for domain name. I am an affiliate and if you want to sign up, feel free to use the banner on

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