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How Do You Handle Failure?

At the beginning of the month, it was my intention to try and write an article per day for publication at HubPages. I started out strong, but then missed a few days. Now it happened because I was working hard (75 hours in one week) and was in no condition to write after spending so much mental energy at my job. This is my most recent example, but I could point to several other instances when I failed to accomplish goals that I had set before me.

If you want to put it into the context of this blog and making extra money each month, then you only have to look at April’s earnings report to see that I actually lost money online because my revenues declined substantially and I had some bigger than normal expenses.

After these setbacks, it would be easy to just give up and not bother

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Don’t Give Up Your Blog Too Soon

I continually run across individuals who advocate blogging for at least two years in order to realize its greatest potential. I ran into another one this past week. The two year figure is constantly showing up so it must be true and there must be an underlying reason to it, although I am sure that it would be hard to pinpoint.

Unfortunately, blogging is truly a marathon and not a sprint so you must continue to plug away at it while getting seemingly little in return. The only thing that I can offer is to sit down, keep going, and mark your calendars. In the meantime, I will offer encouragement by posting several links that would suggest you need to stick it out for two years.

Bloggers Suggesting Two Years

I have mentioned Len Penzo on this blog before. It took him 31 months to reach one million views, but

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