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First Timers Guide for Contractors

Leaving full time or permanent employment can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re reinventing yourself as a contractor. There are many elements of contracting that are attractive, especially in a double dip recession where thousands of job cuts are being made. The key is to be flexible, and to have lots of work lined up in the coming months to keep you employed.

Work might be short at the beginning, however one you establish yourself in the contracting industry in your specific field, you’ll have a lot more access to freelance opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions by first time contractors.

Can I Take Holiday During A Contract?

If you’re in a contract and you want to take a holiday, then this is perfectly acceptable. Many clients that take on contractors will manage outsourcers’ holiday time just like normal employees, however you must

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Make It Easier to Make a Grand Per Month: Offer Multiple Services

So, you have made the decision to make a grand per month on the side. You have picked a job and have found a client or two, but you still aren’t making the kind of money that you had hoped, or you aren’t finding clients as quickly as you would like. Does this sound familiar?

If it does, you may want to think about expanding your services.

Suggestions for Types of Services to Offer

I know, people always say you should specialize. We all know the phrase, “Jack of all trades and master of nothing.” However, in the beginning, offering several services may be just what you need to make a grand per month quickly.

For instance, let’s say you decide to become a resume writer. If business is slow in the beginning, maybe you could offer several services besides resume writing. Other similar services that you could offer may

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Make a Grand Per Month to Pad Your Retirement

You probably know those people who are used to being on the go. They must stay busy to be happy. . . and then they retire and aren’t busy or happy anymore.

Or, perhaps you know those who hit a bump in their thirties or forties or later thanks to job loss or caring for children or elderly parents and had to leave or reduce their time in the workplace. As a result, their retirement is much smaller than they would like.

Or, some retire in their early sixties but would like to wait to withdraw much of their retirement income until they are 70. They just need a bit of cash to see them through.

How Making a Grand Per Month is Suitable for Retirees

What do all of these people have in common? They can benefit from making a grand per month.

Many people can’t handle the day-to-day

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Remote Working and Why it Will Save Your Business Money [Infographic]

Saving money is something that every business worth its salt has on its agenda, and in times like these, every penny saved is extremely valuable. Something that a number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking into is allowing some of their employees to work from home. Known as ‘remote working’, employees can work from the comfort of their own home without having to travel great distances to the office. As this infographic from Powwownow shows, many of the SME employees they surveyed are in favour of it.

Saving money on travel and being able to work flexible hours are among the benefits of working from home to employees, but employers have just as much to gain from remote working. Companies can save money on electricity, equipment such as computers and even office space if they decide to downgrade to smaller premises, and they can communicate more effectively with

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Does Your Side Business Need Insurance?

We have been looking at various ways to make extra money, some of which could develop into full-time businesses such as cutting grass or cleaning houses. Both of these services could lead to enough business such that you would have to hire employees. You are also working at various locations and on the property of many clients. One way to protect yourself and your personal assets is to form a limited liability corporation, but the other is to make sure that you have the proper insurance coverage.

Being a business owner is a huge responsibility. There are a lot of obligations that you must take care of when owning a business. One of these is making sure you obtain and maintain proper insurance coverage. There are many types of business insurance. This variety helps businesses get just the right coverage they need without being overinsured or underinsured. Two types of

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