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Making a Grand Per Month in Your Sleep

I have already mentioned that my daughter has started an Etsy shop and is selling jewelry. Well, she has started to get some orders and actually had a few while she was sleeping the other night, so I was asking her how cool it was to be making money while sleeping. Needless to say, she was quite excited and thought the idea of passive income was pretty awesome.

So what are some ways that you could actually make an extra grand per month while sleeping?

Start an Etsy store: Creating some craft or item for sale allows you to post the items on the site and enable individuals to shop at any time even while you are sleeping. Your store is always available for people to find.

Selling on Ebay: The same principles apply to selling stuff on Ebay. Simply list the items that you have to sell and the

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Most Popular Posts on Making Extra Money

Grand per Month was started with a goal of offering up ideas and advice on how to begin making extra money in your spare time with a goal of actually making an extra $1000 per month. Imagine what you could do with that much extra cash flow in your budget. If you have been living paycheck to paycheck as many of us are, the extra wiggle room could be enough to start paying off debt or begin saving an emergency fund.

Whatever your motivation or particular needs, having more money than month is a good thing which is the first step to financial freedom. So let’s take a look at the most popular posts from the blog for the year.

Most Popular Posts for 2012

How to Make $1000 Per Month With Stock Dividends–It looks like everyone loves the idea of passive income. Invest in some stocks and sit back

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Protecting Your Portfolio When Selling Put Options

On Monday, I explained how it was possible to make $1000 per month selling puts but mentioned that there could be a big risk involved should the stock drop precipitously such as might happen following a missed earnings report. That would be absolutely tragic and could negate a year’s worth of profits or more. So how might we protect a portfolio when selling put options? Let’s go back to our Pepsi example to find out.

Sell Some Puts and Buy Others

Using numbers from yesterday’s close, I see that Pepsi stock ended at $65.93 which is up from a few days ago. That means our April $65 put options have decreased in value. In order to make a grand per month, I will be using the May option expiration and sell 29 contracts of the May $65 put options for $0.87 per share or $2,523. (Remember that each option contract

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How to Make $1000 Per Month with Stock Dividends

Now I know that many of you (myself included) is not quite in the position to make $1000 per month using stock dividends since the amount of capital required can be quite substantial. However, it is still important to read and digest this information, tucking it away for future reference. There may very well come a day when you need this knowledge such as during retirement when you are trying to balance risk with the possibility of outliving your money.

Before we actually get into the “how” portion of the article, let’s figure out how much capital we are talking about. Making $1000 per month with dividends means that we are making $12,000 per year. Assuming a 4% dividend rate, we would need $300,000 in dividend paying stocks to generate that kind of income. But don’t say there is no way I would ever have that much. A couple saving

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