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Earning a Grand Per Month is Way Easier to Do Without Debt

I graduated with my Business degree in Finance back in 2008. At approximately this same time, my friend asked me if I have ever listened to Dave Ramsey, a personal finance teacher that preached the message of ‘Cash is King’ and ‘Debt is for Dummies’. With a chip on my shoulder, I responded, “I do agree with some of his teaching, but to avoid debt entirely? That’s simply just dumb. After all, debt is a tool and can be used to earn money without shelling out your own.”

I thought I was so smart, but in actuality I was just money hungry. Debt is hardly ever a good idea for a personal account since we are not rapidly growing our assets through business ventures and products that are creating a buzz in retail. Nope. Most of personal finance has one main inflow of money that needs to be budgeted in

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Make a Grand Per Month to Pay for Your Child’s Education

The average cost of college for a “four year public college comes in at just under $14,000. The average annual tuition for a two-year public school is $7,000″ (Huffington Post).

Years ago, students could work part-time while in college and full-time during the summers and cover the cost of their college tuition and graduate debt free. Not so today. If your child works a part-time job for 15 hours a week during the school year for 32 weeks at $8 an hour, she’ll earn $3,840. Add in working full-time for 14 weeks during the summer, and she has an extra $4,480, giving her a grand total BEFORE taxes of $8,320.

Clearly, your college student generally can’t make enough to cover a year’s worth of tuition and living expenses.

However, together, you may be able to make a difference.

How Your Grand Per Month Can Help

If you already work full-time

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When I First Made an Extra Grand Per Month

I was fresh out of college, earning a mere $16 an hour with over $20k in debt. My income paid for the rent, some food, and the minimum payment on my debt. This was not the life I was dreaming of.

For many students, it is almost assumed that life will be rosy and easy after college. Companies will almost seek you out just because you have that piece of paper. The average salary seems to be about $50k and the good life begins. For many, this is just not the case. I have seen many of my friends apply for jobs all over the U.S. with no luck of landing any of them, which inevitably forces them to go back to work at their high school or college job. This is often in retail or the restaurant industry, and it is there that they feel stuck for life. Wages

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Getting a Loan to Start a Money Making Business

This site is about making extra money and providing you with ideas for doing just that. Some of the ideas require little or no capital at all such as cleaning houses or working as a virtual assistant. Others require lots of capital such as investing in stocks that pay dividends.

But what if you have a business idea that requires some start-up money, but you don’t have the funds? My daughter started an Etsy store and needed to rely on the bank of Dad for the initial $200 to get some jewelry making supplies.

I have the opportunity to purchase a business myself that could end up generating well over $1000 in extra income each month for just a few hours per week of managerial work which clearly fits into the premise of this site, but I am going to have to borrow much of the money in order to

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What Could an Extra Grand Per Month Do For You?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “What would an extra thousand bucks a month do for your life?” My wife and I recently had a mission to pay off all of our debt and earned an extra $1,000 a month by blogging about our experiences along the way. Not only did the blog help us stay on track with our budget, but it also created a revenue stream because so many people could relate to our debt-free goal, as well as our challenges along the way.

You Need to Have a Reason

If you have dreams of making an extra thousand dollars a month, but have no real reason for gaining it, then you’ll never see that money! When my wife and I were paying off debt, we were looking forward to the day where we owed absolutely nothing to anyone. We couldn’t wait to taste the sweet flavor

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