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Earning a Grand Per Month is Way Easier to Do Without Debt

I graduated with my Business degree in Finance back in 2008. At approximately this same time, my friend asked me if I have ever listened to Dave Ramsey, a personal finance teacher that preached the message of ‘Cash is King’ and ‘Debt is for Dummies’. With a chip on my shoulder, I responded, “I do agree with some of his teaching, but to avoid debt entirely? That’s simply just dumb. After all, debt is a tool and can be used to earn money without shelling out your own.”

I thought I was so smart, but in actuality I was just money hungry. Debt is hardly ever a good idea for a personal account since we are not rapidly growing our assets through business ventures and products that are creating a buzz in retail. Nope. Most of personal finance has one main inflow of money that needs to be budgeted in

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Become Debt Free with a Grand Per Month

The following post is by Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

Many, many Americans have debt including credit card debt, car loans, students loans and mortgages just to name a few. In fact, according to a recent article on pbs.com, in 2008, only 33% of college students managed to avoid student loan debt, and the graduating class of 2011 will leave college with an estimated $22,900 average in student loan debt.

In the United States, debt is a way of life. Many people consider debt necessary to achieve the American dream. Being without debt is so rare that Dave Ramsey calls the debt-free lifestyle “weird”, and encourages all of his listeners to be weird like him. I myself am not weird yet, as I still have a substantial amount of debt, but I have stopped accruing new debt, and I am aggressively paying down my debts.

While it is true that if

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