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Getting a Loan to Start a Money Making Business

This site is about making extra money and providing you with ideas for doing just that. Some of the ideas require little or no capital at all such as cleaning houses or working as a virtual assistant. Others require lots of capital such as investing in stocks that pay dividends.

But what if you have a business idea that requires some start-up money, but you don’t have the funds? My daughter started an Etsy store and needed to rely on the bank of Dad for the initial $200 to get some jewelry making supplies.

I have the opportunity to purchase a business myself that could end up generating well over $1000 in extra income each month for just a few hours per week of managerial work which clearly fits into the premise of this site, but I am going to have to borrow much of the money in order to

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How to Splurge Sensibly

We all love to splurge on the best things in life. Whether you are a fierce fashionista or you are serious about sports, it can be difficult to resist the urge to splurge. This has to be done if you are saving such as saving for a car or a mortgage. However, the tips and tricks that you can use to save are all featured here so that you can enjoy the best things in life without worrying too much about the cost. Whether you use bad credit payday loans or your own cash, take a look at the tips below:

Clothing: Men and women need to have clothing but every now and then, we all want to splurge on the clothing and accessories that we want. You could resort to unsecured loans online but then again, you should think about what key statement pieces that you want to buy.

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Credit Rating: How It Works and How You Can Improve It

Your credit rating is what determines if your loan or insurance application gets approved. You may wonder how some people get applications approved so fast on the Internet. Online card providers have access to your financial history which indicates your reference score. Improve your standing before applying for financing to get instant approval.

Your score is generated by a mathematical formula that is based on our spending and paying habits. These include our payments for utilities, credit cards, rent and mobile phones. The way you pay your other loans will also affect your ranking. Although this may seem unimportant to you, your creditors will base your ability to repay loans on your financial history.

You can get your new loan or insurance application approved faster by maintaining good standing. You will also be given lower interest rates if your score is high. This can be beneficial for you whether you

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What Could an Extra Grand Per Month Do For You?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “What would an extra thousand bucks a month do for your life?” My wife and I recently had a mission to pay off all of our debt and earned an extra $1,000 a month by blogging about our experiences along the way. Not only did the blog help us stay on track with our budget, but it also created a revenue stream because so many people could relate to our debt-free goal, as well as our challenges along the way.

You Need to Have a Reason

If you have dreams of making an extra thousand dollars a month, but have no real reason for gaining it, then you’ll never see that money! When my wife and I were paying off debt, we were looking forward to the day where we owed absolutely nothing to anyone. We couldn’t wait to taste the sweet flavor

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Become Debt Free with a Grand Per Month

The following post is by Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

Many, many Americans have debt including credit card debt, car loans, students loans and mortgages just to name a few. In fact, according to a recent article on pbs.com, in 2008, only 33% of college students managed to avoid student loan debt, and the graduating class of 2011 will leave college with an estimated $22,900 average in student loan debt.

In the United States, debt is a way of life. Many people consider debt necessary to achieve the American dream. Being without debt is so rare that Dave Ramsey calls the debt-free lifestyle “weird”, and encourages all of his listeners to be weird like him. I myself am not weird yet, as I still have a substantial amount of debt, but I have stopped accruing new debt, and I am aggressively paying down my debts.

While it is true that if

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