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Earn an Extra Grand Per Month Cleaning Houses

Have you ever cleaned your own house? You know, like vacuuming the carpets, dusting end tables and mantels, and swiffering the hardwood floors? If so, then you are qualified to clean the houses of others.

The Rising Need for Cleaning

Have you noticed the latest trends in America today? Specifically, the percentage of women in the workforce? For the past few decades, more and more women have been hanging up their aprons and have taken their skills into the workforce. Not only that, but the average couple has inflated their lifestyle because of the additional income, which then gets them trapped into working longer and harder days to keep up with the bills.

So when is there time to clean? There really isn’t. And since the average couple now has a beefier income, they are willing to pay out some additional money to get their homes back into shape.


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If You Want to Stay Rich, You Need to Think Cheaper

Do you know anyone that got a pretty decent promotion and almost immediately increased their standard of living? They most likely went out and bought themselves a fancy new car (to fit the role of their fancy new job) and maybe even moved into a larger executive home as well. Instead of shopping at a discount grocery store, they begin to buy their food at the more upscale store down the street. Everything just seems to become bigger and better, so what do you think happens to their overall cash flow? Most of the time their cash flow (the money that they have left after the bills are paid) goes unchanged or even goes down a little! If you want to stay rich, you need to think cheaper.

Think Cheap, Yet Effective

When I was 20 years old, my goal was to increase my discretionary income to $500 a month

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Make a Grand Per Month by Buying in Bulk

Do you ever scout out great deals at the supermarket? Perhaps you’re a master couponer and you’re able to find 2 for 1 deals and then still take $1.00 of that already reduced price of spaghetti. Where else have you noticed that you can find a savings?

A few years ago, I used to work for one of the big office supply stores. I was stationed at the headquarters and it was my job to proof-read the catalog pricing before the prints went out to our prospective customers. One of my areas of focus was on any item that was selling in bulk – I had to make sure that the each price for a bulk purchase was less than the each price for buying a single. So why are the bulk prices always less? It’s simple really. If a store can get you to buy one or two more

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Cash In On Those Unwanted Goods

There are plenty of ways to make a quick buck. You could mow someone’s yard, snow-blow their driveway, or maybe you could even dog sit for an afternoon. Each one of these efforts will earn you about $20 and you could achieve it in less than an hour, or with very little effort. But, what if you were willing to put in a little more time and a little more effort? I have a way that you could earn thousands of dollars each month, and you can do it with items that people are just willing to give you, free of charge.

What The Heck Am I Talking About?

What in the world are people going to just give you that has value? Obviously, I don’t expect people to just hand over their gold bars to you, but I guarantee that you can be handed plenty of items that have

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Make a Grand Per Month By Flipping Cars

Have you ever purchased a car for a deal of a price? Feels pretty good doesn’t it? You can drive that car for quite a while and still get your money back out of it, even if it’s been a couple of years. What if, instead of holding onto that car, you flipped it instead? You could earn an easy thousand bucks a month if you continually find the right deal.


Not For the Squeamish

Right off the bat, I know this sounds like an amazingly good idea, but let me tell you something, you won’t win all the time. Cars are a gamble. It may seem like they are running great when you make the purchase, but within a few days the transmission could start slipping and suddenly you’re in the hole a grand instead of coming out on top with money in your pocket. If you do

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