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Make a Grand Per Month to Pay for Your Child’s Education

The average cost of college for a “four year public college comes in at just under $14,000. The average annual tuition for a two-year public school is $7,000″ (Huffington Post).

Years ago, students could work part-time while in college and full-time during the summers and cover the cost of their college tuition and graduate debt free. Not so today. If your child works a part-time job for 15 hours a week during the school year for 32 weeks at $8 an hour, she’ll earn $3,840. Add in working full-time for 14 weeks during the summer, and she has an extra $4,480, giving her a grand total BEFORE taxes of $8,320.

Clearly, your college student generally can’t make enough to cover a year’s worth of tuition and living expenses.

However, together, you may be able to make a difference.

How Your Grand Per Month Can Help

If you already work full-time

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