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Learn to Save, Not Just Make More Money

When I first started working at my new job last year, I met a co-worker that was disgusted at the fact that companies buy all of their products on credit and don’t pay for anything with cash until long after the product is actually received. I distinctly remember him asking rhetorically, “Why can’t companies just buy their products with cash? Why does everyone in this world need to go into debt to buy stuff? Why can’t we all just live within our means?”

Now, a year later, the story has changed. After getting his first taste of luxury with his 2008 Audi A4 (which was purchased with a loan by the way), he is now salivating for a bigger house. Instead of being content with his $120,000 condo in a great part of town, he has begun to set his sights on a $300,000 brick home with more bedrooms than

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Earn a Grand Per Month by Investing in Real Estate

What if you could invest in real estate and earn an additional $1,000 a month without investing any additional money? That’s right, what I am about to teach you is how to take absolutely no extra money out of your bank account to purchase a multiplex and earn cash flow that you never had before. This isn’t a hoax, but it isn’t all that simple either. Plus, you will definitely have to change your lifestyle.

How to Buy That Multiplex

I have been thinking about this for some time now, but have not yet pulled the trigger on it. I am not a big fan of debt (that is the understatement of the century by the way – I despise debt), so I have been aggressively paying down my mortgage loan on my house. Since I knew that I wanted to get rid of my debt as soon as possible,

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Sell Your House and Invest in Real Estate

Most of the articles on this site will have you fixing cars or waitressing, which is hardly beyond the capacity of your imagination. Sure, they could make you an extra thousand dollars a month, but you have to continue working in order to collect that thousand on a continual basis. What if you could earn over a thousand dollars a month in passive income? You wouldn’t have to work 60 hours a week (with a day job and part time job), but you could still earn some very good money.

I stumbled on this idea just the other day. One of my main goals is to pay off my house by the end of next year, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough. If I sold my house today, I could probably get $125k for it and there’s only $55k left on my mortgage. That means I

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When I First Made an Extra Grand Per Month

I was fresh out of college, earning a mere $16 an hour with over $20k in debt. My income paid for the rent, some food, and the minimum payment on my debt. This was not the life I was dreaming of.

For many students, it is almost assumed that life will be rosy and easy after college. Companies will almost seek you out just because you have that piece of paper. The average salary seems to be about $50k and the good life begins. For many, this is just not the case. I have seen many of my friends apply for jobs all over the U.S. with no luck of landing any of them, which inevitably forces them to go back to work at their high school or college job. This is often in retail or the restaurant industry, and it is there that they feel stuck for life. Wages

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Getting a Loan to Start a Money Making Business

This site is about making extra money and providing you with ideas for doing just that. Some of the ideas require little or no capital at all such as cleaning houses or working as a virtual assistant. Others require lots of capital such as investing in stocks that pay dividends.

But what if you have a business idea that requires some start-up money, but you don’t have the funds? My daughter started an Etsy store and needed to rely on the bank of Dad for the initial $200 to get some jewelry making supplies.

I have the opportunity to purchase a business myself that could end up generating well over $1000 in extra income each month for just a few hours per week of managerial work which clearly fits into the premise of this site, but I am going to have to borrow much of the money in order to

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