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How $1,000 a Month Could Change Your Life

The following post is authored by Derek from Life and My Finances.

Do you have any idea what an extra $1,000 could do for you? This extra income could change your life dramatically! Believe me, I have experienced what it was like before and what it’s like now, and the extra thousand bucks has definitely made my life a lot easier.

What Can $1,000 Buy?

You are surviving on your current income, right? So if you made another $1,000 every month, this could really be used to buy anything!

You could:

buy a cottage on the lake (in addition to your house) buy a brand new BMW or Mercedes (with payments of course) go on a huge shopping spree at the mall sponsor 30 children in Haiti go golfing every day

Now, I wouldn’t suggest doing most of these things (they just aren’t financially wise), but I just wanted you

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