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How to Save Thousands of Dollars

While it is admirable to make a thousand dollars per month, it can be just as beneficial to save a thousand dollars.Have you ever really thought about how much you could save if you took a real look at your current bills?

About a year ago, I figured I was spending as little as possible, but I wasn’t budgeting my income or expenses at the time. Starting in January, I decided to set a monstrous goal for myself: paying off my house loan. This would require me to increase my income and spend very little on expenses. It was time for me to figure out if there was anywhere I could save.

The Phone Bill

As I was setting up my January budget, I realized that my phone bill was $85 a month. Suddenly (since I actually had a goal to pay off that massive debt), this bill seemed a

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Make a Grand This Month with Your Savings

Do you have a budget for yourself to follow each month? If not, do you know how much you spend on food, car insurance, your home insurance, your phone, cable, or gasoline? My guess is that most of us could not quote the exact expense of each of these categories every month. You might write this off and just say, “Well nobody does!” This is simply not true, and by ignoring your re-occurring expenses you may be ignoring potential savings for this month, and for the entire year.

First, Make Your Budget

In order to get an accurate assessment of what your expenses are each month, you first need to take a guess at it – meaning, start a budget and write it down on paper. Throughout the month, you will basically find out how wrong you are, which is absolutely fine. Making mistakes is the best way to learn!

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You Need a Budget (YNAB) Review

If you’re looking to make a grand per month to help you reach your savings or budget goals, you’d likely welcome a program that helps you stop living paycheck to paycheck. That’s what I was searching for when I happened upon You Need a Budget (YNAB).

You Need a Budget was developed by Jesse Mecham when he was in college and engaged. The system gave him financial control, and several years later, after many friends had asked for copies of the program, he decided to make it public and sell it. In the years since, YNAB has become his full-time job, and he also has a number of people working for him.

What Makes You Need a Budget Different?

YNAB is a program designed to help you create the budget that will work for you. You won’t find the program advising you to spend no more than a certain amount

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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Other People to Save Money

Many people who are looking to make a grand per month are also very good with their money, in part because they have to be. Some who have a tight financial budget, whether that be through choice, through underemployment or due to debt repayment, often stretch their dollars by becoming savvy shoppers.

Some of the most successful blogs are those that teach others how to use coupons to buy items for free or nearly free as well as how to stretch dollars to make each one go further.

If you’re a coupon guru, you may be able to make a grand per month teaching others how to stretch their money and get by on less.

Amy Dacyczyn, the original Frugal Zealot, made a fortune in the 90s with her newsletter and then books that taught others to be frugal during the recession. Now, in the Internet age, hundreds of women

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Making a Grand Per Month to Stay Out of Debt

The following is a post from Melissa at Mom’s Plans

Making a grand per month can do many wonderful things for you and your family—you can save for retirement, save for your child’s college education, or use the money to become debt free. However, sometimes extra money is needed just to make your budget work.

The adage is to spend less than you earn, but what if your earnings are too small to meet your expenses? What if you are frugal, but you are in a low paying position such as a paid internship or a graduate assistantship and you just can’t make ends meet? What if you have unexpected expenses such as medical bills or an expensive car repair, and you don’t have enough money saved to pay cash?

In many cases, the option is to use credit cards, which can start the downward cycle of credit card

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