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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Other People to Save Money

Many people who are looking to make a grand per month are also very good with their money, in part because they have to be. Some who have a tight financial budget, whether that be through choice, through underemployment or due to debt repayment, often stretch their dollars by becoming savvy shoppers.

Some of the most successful blogs are those that teach others how to use coupons to buy items for free or nearly free as well as how to stretch dollars to make each one go further.

If you’re a coupon guru, you may be able to make a grand per month teaching others how to stretch their money and get by on less.

Amy Dacyczyn, the original Frugal Zealot, made a fortune in the 90s with her newsletter and then books that taught others to be frugal during the recession. Now, in the Internet age, hundreds of women

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