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How to Build a Blog that Makes Money by Eric Allyn: A Book Review

You’ve likely heard the advice not to blog if you’re only in it for the money. Considering the amount of time blogging takes and the sheer effort growing your blog takes, this is good advice.

Still, if you blog because you love it, why not try to make some money while you’re blogging, right?

Eric Allyn, author of How to Build a Blog That Makes Money: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting and Profiting from a Blog, hopes to help you not only build a popular blog, but also make money from your blog.

Allyn is a good one to write this book because for the last six years, he’s built and made money from 50 different websites.

Book Contents

Research Before You Create Your Blog

If you’re new to blogging, you’ll likely appreciate this book. (A nice bonus is that the book is only $2.99 on Kindle, so it’s

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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Other People to Save Money

Many people who are looking to make a grand per month are also very good with their money, in part because they have to be. Some who have a tight financial budget, whether that be through choice, through underemployment or due to debt repayment, often stretch their dollars by becoming savvy shoppers.

Some of the most successful blogs are those that teach others how to use coupons to buy items for free or nearly free as well as how to stretch dollars to make each one go further.

If you’re a coupon guru, you may be able to make a grand per month teaching others how to stretch their money and get by on less.

Amy Dacyczyn, the original Frugal Zealot, made a fortune in the 90s with her newsletter and then books that taught others to be frugal during the recession. Now, in the Internet age, hundreds of women

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Going to Need Some Advertising Revenue

Well, I am making an expense commitment in an attempt to grow my blogging revenue so I will be needing some additional advertising deals over the next month before I run out of funds. Now I won’t really be running out of money, but I have made it my goal to not put any of my own funds into my online ventures. Up until now, I have been able to do this.

I started by writing for sites such as eHow and HubPages which didn’t cost a thing but would provide some revenue. Once I built up some funds and confidence, I made the leap to WordPress and creating my own blogs figuring that the domain and hosting costs could easily be covered by what I was making already.

A Pleasant Surprise

Well about 6 months after starting Cash Flow Mantra, I figured out that many personal finance bloggers were

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Dying a Slow Death

Last summer my daughter wanted to plant a box garden so we went out and got some wood along with some soil and seeds. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots with plans of eating from the bounty during the summer. Well, life got busy and my daughter lost interest so all we managed to get out of that garden was a few sickly tomatoes, some malformed carrots and yellowish ugly cucumbers. Needless to say, failing to tend to the garden, weed it, and water it appropriately led to its demise over time.

A Slow Blog Death

The same holds true for most anything in life including blogs. Recently, I have been witnessing a disturbing trend. Traffic at this blog and at Cash Flow Mantra have been declining (at least last month, Penny Thots seems to have reversed course). You can see it in the numbers below:

Month Cash Flow Mantra

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How Much Money Do I Make Blogging?

I am always wondering how much money people make while blogging and so am excited to read earnings reports. I started to put out monthly reports myself on this blog, but when summer came and golf and softball with it, I just got too busy to write consistently. I am blogging primarily for fun and don’t have a problem skipping a week or two of posting if there are other things that I need or want to be doing. I only published 2 posts on Cash Flow Mantra (CFM) during the months of July and August.

Nevertheless, I still feel that it is worthwhile for some of you to see what can truly be achieved by a part-timer. If you only put in a consistent amount of time each day, it is possible to earn some decent extra cash in a relatively short period of time.

To give you some

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