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Going to Need Some Advertising Revenue

Well, I am making an expense commitment in an attempt to grow my blogging revenue so I will be needing some additional advertising deals over the next month before I run out of funds. Now I won’t really be running out of money, but I have made it my goal to not put any of my own funds into my online ventures. Up until now, I have been able to do this.

I started by writing for sites such as eHow and HubPages which didn’t cost a thing but would provide some revenue. Once I built up some funds and confidence, I made the leap to WordPress and creating my own blogs figuring that the domain and hosting costs could easily be covered by what I was making already.

A Pleasant Surprise

Well about 6 months after starting Cash Flow Mantra, I figured out that many personal finance bloggers were

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It’s Been Hard to Stay Motivated

Life gets busy. And maybe it isn’t that it has been hard to stay motivated, but that other activities have cut into the time that I could otherwise be using for writing and working on my blogs. Softball is just one of those activities. I am playing softball 2 nights per week which occupies at least 3 hours of time each evening by the time I get ready, go to the game, play, then come home and shower. Sometimes it takes more if the game doesn’t start on time. Of course, by the time I get showered and eat something (I don’t eat before playing), it is time to get to sleep.

I could probably get at least 4 blog posts done during those times and keep up with the blogs that are in my reader. I have over 1000 items that I haven’t reviewed. I will likely just have

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Earnings Report for March 2012

I know that the month still has about 3 hours to go, but I can tell you that I am not going to earn any more money this month. I only include those funds which I actually receive so I can tell you that I won’t be getting any check in the mail tonight. I publish these earning reports to offer some clear idea of what can actually be made while blogging.

Ironically, after making over $1000 online for 3 consecutive months, I have missed that number for the past two now even though this month was better than February.

If you have missed earnings reports from me in the past, I should tell you that I combine all of the earnings from all sources. I don’t want to break out the sources since some programs, such as Google’s AdSense frown on revealing certain data points. They really are OK

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Earnings Report for February 2012

Well, February was a short month and that was reflected in the earnings. I needed about 60 days for the month of February to have turned out decent. Oh well, making money online with blogging is going to have good months and not-so-good months so I guess I got one of the poor ones out of the way. Now March can be better, huh?

In case you didn’t see my January earnings report, I will explain that this report includes all of my online earnings activities from my two main blogs, Cash Flow Mantra and this one, from AdSense, and from all of the affiliate programs to which I belong. Currently, I am grouping my earnings into one lump sum since I definitely don’t want to fall afoul of any terms of service, especially AdSense. So I won’t be breaking any of that information out at this time.

I should

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Earnings Report for January 2012

I have been somewhat reluctant to publish my earnings for my other blog despite my interest in looking at other bloggers earnings. Maybe as the numbers get really big, I might change my mind again, but for now I thought that it would be appropriate since I am blogging about making an extra $1000 per month. Plus since I am part of the $30K Challenge, I have a second reason to publish my online earnings.

When I report my earnings, they will include all of my online writing activities. Currently I have this blog which you are reading, I have Cash Flow Mantra, and I write at HubPages. My earning sources include private advertising, AdSense, the HubPages Ad Program, eBay affiliate income via HubPages, and Amazon affiliate income. I am also an affiliate with Host Gator but haven’t earned anything at all with that so it really doesn’t matter yet.

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