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5 Ways a Stay at Home Parent Can Find Time to Make a Grand Per Month

Families with young children often make the decision to have one parent stay home, at least while the kids are smaller. Often this makes economical sense, especially if you live in an area where day care costs are astronomical and you have two or more children that will attend day care.

However, living on one income can be a challenge. To help ease that burden, the stay at home parent might want to consider working 10 to 15 hours from home to make a grand per month. The grand per month can make the difference between a budget that is excruciatingly tight and one that has a little wiggle room.

I know, you’re wondering how you can find time to work when you’re busy with children. If you’re creative, it can be done with minimal stress on your part. Consider the following strategies:

1. Trade babysitting with another stay at

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Make a Grand Per Month Watching Kids

Are you thinking about starting a family, but you’re concerned with the loss of one of your full time incomes? My friends are currently in this predicament, and they need to figure out how to how to replace the wife’s income. If they can’t, she’ll have to go back to work. And, like many first time moms, that is most definitely not the desired option.

Just like many other moms that wish to stay at home, the thought is to take care of a few other kids at the same time, and make a few bucks doing it. This, in and of itself though, is not that easy. It takes quite a lot of thought and planning, so let’s dig in and find out how much money can be made through this avenue.

Who Do You Know?

In order to add some extra kids to your home each day, you’ll

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