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How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Softball Umpire

Here in the Midwestern United States, softball season is in full swing. In fact, I am playing in 2 leagues which occupies two nights per week. This makes keeping up with the blog somewhat difficult. But I figure that I should enjoy playing while I still can. However, if you are looking to make some extra money, want to enjoy the outdoors, and like softball, maybe becoming a softball umpire is just what could make you a grand per month.

When I was younger and my kids played soccer, I worked as a soccer referee. There is a fair amount of running involved, but it seems like being a softball umpire would be easier on my knees. I haven’t looked into the specifics of becoming a softball umpire, but it can’t be much different than my experience with soccer.

There are usually classes that will teach you many of the

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Making a Grand Per Month as a Property Manager

Have you ever considered becoming a property manager? If you have skills in home repair, this could be the perfect niche for you to earn an extra grand per month.

What Does a Residential Property Manager Do?

Before we start talking about the typical wages, let’s first take a look at the normal responsibilities of a property manager. When you are hired to manage a residential property, here are some of the tasks that you would be in charge of:

Tenant Applications Rent Collection Manage the Building Budget Responding to Emergency Calls Scheduling (or performing) maintenance Inspection of the property Renovations Large scale projects

Yes, property managers have a lot of responsibilities, but if they do their job right from the very beginning (with tenant placement), then the rest of the tasks should not be overwhelming at all.

What is the Typical Wage of a Property Manager?

Everyone has their

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How $1,000 a Month Could Change Your Life

The following post is authored by Derek from Life and My Finances.

Do you have any idea what an extra $1,000 could do for you? This extra income could change your life dramatically! Believe me, I have experienced what it was like before and what it’s like now, and the extra thousand bucks has definitely made my life a lot easier.

What Can $1,000 Buy?

You are surviving on your current income, right? So if you made another $1,000 every month, this could really be used to buy anything!

You could:

buy a cottage on the lake (in addition to your house) buy a brand new BMW or Mercedes (with payments of course) go on a huge shopping spree at the mall sponsor 30 children in Haiti go golfing every day

Now, I wouldn’t suggest doing most of these things (they just aren’t financially wise), but I just wanted you

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My Plans for December’s Grand

Well, I have to admit that I was a little pessimistic for the month of December. I didn’t really expect to make $1000 for the month from my blog, Cash Flow Mantra. It was already a little on the slow side so I figured with the holidays coming up that traffic and activity would fall off quite a bit as people enjoyed and spent time with family and friends.

So imagine my surprise when a strong week for revenue actually pushed me above and beyond a grand for the month of December! And we still have a full week to go (not that I am expecting anything anyway, but still).

What Am I Doing With the Money?

Right now, I am looking to pay off debt in order to increase my monthly cash flow and have been using my earnings from blogging to do just that. I have already paid

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