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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Others How to Take Great Photos

The right photo can make all the difference.  From capturing the image of love on the faces of a newly married couple, to the adorable tiny foot of a newborn, to a beautiful nature scene, excellent photographs can move us emotionally and take us back to a special time in our lives.

If you have a knack for taking great photos, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a grand per month doing what you love.  We’ve already talked here about several ways you can make money with photography from selling your photos to being a wedding photographer.

However, there is an exciting new way to make money from your photography skills–teach others how to take excellent photos themselves.

Bloggers Need to Learn How to Take Better Pictures

Blogs are not new, but many, many blogs are mostly text with very few photos.  This wasn’t really an issue until recently.

Previously content may have been king, but now great photos may be trumping superb content.



Pinterest is growing in popularity, and those bloggers who fill their blogs with excellent photos are suddenly finding their traffic growing.

Of course, if you have a blog, make sure to use your photography skills to draw more readers to your site.

However, even if you don’t have a blog, you can still take advantage of this trend by teaching others how to take great photos.

How To Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Others To Take Great Photos

There are many ways you can use the popularity of Pinterest to make money.

You could create your own photography blog to teach people how to take great photos.  Some of the most successful blogs are the ones that teach people how to do something they don’t know how to do now.  You teach them to take great photos to draw more traffic to their sites, and in turn they’ll draw more traffic to your site as they return and tell their friends about your blog.

Another option would be to create an ebook specifically focusing on taking photos for blogs.  You could also expand and explain how to use Pinterest-friendly photo editing sites like PicMonkey.com.  When I was starting to learn how to use PicMonkey.com, I was completely lost.  A friend steered me to a blog with tutorials, and I spent several hours reading her lessons on utilizing the software.  If I would have known of a low cost ebook, I would have bought it immediately to save myself the time it took to learn the software on my own.

Finally, you could also offer an online course on how to take great photos specifically for bloggers who want to harness the power of Pinterest.

The best part about this is that once you create your content, you’ll likely continue to make money as more and more bloggers join Pinterest and look to include more great, eye catching photos to entice readers to visit their sites.

Pinterest is only now just beginning to get popular.  There are plenty of people who aren’t on the site yet, but they will be.  If you take the time now to create content to teach others to take great photos, you’ll likely reap the financial benefits for several years.

This post is from Melissa who blogs at Mom’s Plans.


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