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Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Other People to Save Money

Many people who are looking to make a grand per month are also very good with their money, in part because they have to be.  Some who have a tight financial budget, whether that be through choice, through underemployment or due to debt repayment, often stretch their dollars by becoming savvy shoppers.

Some of the most successful blogs are those that teach others how to use coupons to buy items for free or nearly free as well as how to stretch dollars to make each one go further.

If you’re a coupon guru, you may be able to make a grand per month teaching others how to stretch their money and get by on less.

Amy Dacyczyn, the original Frugal Zealot, made a fortune in the 90s with her newsletter and then books that taught others to be frugal during the recession.  Now, in the Internet age, hundreds of women (and some men), make a small fortune teaching others how to save money.

Have a Blog with a Unique Angle

The best way to get started making a grand per month as a coupon pro is by having a website.  However, now days, it’s not enough to just be a deal blogger.  You must have a specific angle.  For instance, Kosher on a Budget is a deal blog, but the deals are specific to Jewish women and their needs.  This blogger narrowed the deal blogging niche to one specific segment of the population, and she has had great success.  Other deal bloggers focus on deals in their specific city.  Being a deal blogger in general isn’t good enough anymore; you need a specific angle.

How Will You Make Money?

If your deal blog becomes successful, you’ll likely make money in a variety of ways.

1.  Affiliate income.  One of the largest revenue sources is through affiliate income.  If someone clicks on a coupon on your blog, you’ll make a few cents.  If they purchase something through Amazon that you mention is on sale, you’ll make money.  In the beginning, this is primarily how you’ll make money.

2.  Guest speaking appearances.  If your blog grows, you may have the opportunity to speak to others and teach them how to coupon and find deals successfully.  You’ll likely speak to crowds of 30 or more and will get a speaker’s fee as well as compensated transportation to and from the event.

3.  Guest writing gigs.  Some of the biggest deal bloggers write for sites such as AOL and other media outlets and receive money for their freelance writing.

How to Grow Your Business

To grow your blog and your business, you’ll need to let people know what you’re doing.  You could contact local television stations and newspapers.  You might also want to subscribe to HARO.com (Help a Reporter Out) in hopes of appearing in an article in a magazine or newspaper.

Being a deal blogger can be a lucrative way to make a grand per month, especially if you’re already a pro at stretching your money.  This field is not as open as it used to be, but if you can find a specific niche that needs to be filled, you may be on your way to making a grand per month.

This money making idea is from Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

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2 comments to Make a Grand Per Month Teaching Other People to Save Money

  • I’ve recently started my blog and have been thinking about how to make some money with it. Just this week I moved it to my own domain and have been reading a ton on how to impove it. While it may be a while before I ever do any guest speaking, I can certainly see myself doing it someday. I love to talk about ways to save money. Thanks for the tips!
    Jennifer recently posted..Purchasing Discount Gift CardsMy Profile

    • admin

      I wish you a lot of success with your blog. Just keep thinking outside the box and trying different things. Eventually you will come across what works for you.