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Make a Grand Per Month Painting Houses

Have you ever driven past houses and thought, “Sheesh, when are they going to paint that house? It looks terrible!” Yes, it may look terrible, but many people avoid painting their house because it is just so expensive!In fact, I have avoided painting my house for 3 years because of the quotes I have received from various painting companies. To do the exterior of my house as well as my garage, I have been quoted over $4,000 from one of the cheapest bidders.

Up until this year, I just assumed that I had to get an outside company to paint my house, but you know what? Painting the exterior of a house is not all that difficult. You just need to power wash the dirt off, wait for it to dry, and then set up a really long ladder (for my house at least – it’s a 2 story) and start painting! Sure, it may take some time, but I figure that my total cost will be something like $500. That’s way better than $4,000! However, if someone were to offer to paint my house for $1,500, I might avoid getting up on that ladder and hire the service out. This someone could be you!

Becoming a House Painter

I hope I have your wheels turning about painting house. Sure, it can definitely be a little dangerous up there on that ladder, but if you are cautious and conscientious about it, I’m sure you will remain safe and load up your pockets with cash at the same time.

Tally Up Those Estimated Earnings

So how much can you really make by painting the outside of people’s houses? As I said, the paint needed for a typical house will likely cost you about $500. If you are a homeowner, then you probably already have all the other tools that are necessary like a ladder, power washer, and painting tools. And, if not, I bet you can borrow them from a friend for little to no cost!

As I stated before, to paint a house, you first need to power wash it. This can take an hour or two, and then you leave the house to dry for the rest of the day. If the house is clean, you can begin painting. Painting seems like a slow operation, but it can easily be done in five days or so, even if those days are part-time in the evenings. Let’s figure that you need to paint for 5 hours a day for 5 days. Add on your two hours of power washing and you’re at 27 total hours. By charging $1,500 you earned a nice $1,000 for your efforts!

In order to earn $1,000 a month, all you have to do is paint one house! Best of luck to you. I hope you have some fun painting, but I bet you’ll have even more fun stuffing your pockets with money!

This post has been written by Derek Sall from lifeandmyfinances.com. Get out of debt, save money, and be rich!

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