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Make a Grand Per Month Detailing Cars

Are you looking for a great way to make a grand per month with a side-gig? Well I think I have the perfect solution for you: detailing cars. By this I mean, washing the outside of the car, waxing it, vacuuming the inside, and shining up the dash with a wet wipe (and perhaps even cleaning up the vents with a Q-tip).

My nephew is a few semesters into his college life and is quickly realizing how expensive it really is! His class load is constant, but his bank account is depleting. He would love to graduate from college without any debt (as I have taught him), but with a couple of $10 an hour jobs, he just doesn’t see where it is going to pay off. So I got to brainstorming – what can a 19 year old kid do that will make him some decent money and allow him to keep up on his tuition payments? The answer (which is quite obvious to you now) is detailing cars. He basically has all of the supplies already because he takes care of his own car, so the initial cost is next to nothing, but the amount he could earn is potentially quite a lot.

Digging into the Numbers

When I let my nephew in on my idea, he was intrigued, but wasn’t sure he could really make that much money with this work. His first concern was: “Where do I find the customers?” He and I happen to go to the same church, which made my answer a quick one, “Let the people at church know that you are trying to make some money to pay for college and they will be quick to drop their car off for a good cleaning.” I bet he could find 10 customers within a week or two of his initial request.

So, now that he has some customers lined up he has to figure out how much to charge and how long each car is going to take him to complete. Lucky for him, he is very detailed, but also very efficient.

The typical car detailing can cost $125. In order to win over some customers, he obviously has to land quite a lot below that. Plus, his work might not be quite as good as the professionals since he won’t have all of the high-end equipment. I figure he could easily get a consistent customer base by charging $75 per car. And, with his efficiency, he could clean a car inside and out within 3 hours (netting him $25 an hour – not too shabby for a 19 year old).

If my nephew wanted to clean enough cars to earn himself a grand extra each month, he’ll have to clean 14 cars a month, or approximately 3 per week (sometimes 4 per week during the shorter months), which means he will only be working 9-12 hours each week in order to earn over a grand per month! That’s not too bad at all!

If you have ever washed and waxed your own car before, then you are qualified to detail cars. Turn it into a little business and you could consistently earn an additional $1,000 every month. Wouldn’t that feel nice to put into the bank?!


This post is from Derek at Life and My Finances.

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