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How to Make $1000 Per Month Teaching Almost Anything

Last week I wrote about how it was possible to make $1000 extra per month by teaching piano lessons on a part-time basis.  Well, it takes quite a bit of practice and a piano to do this.  But really, almost any skill could be taught by giving lessons to an individual or holding classes as a small group and charging for your knowledge and expertise.

I recently looked at the lessons section on Craigslist and look at what I found in my area:

  • English tutoring for those who are non-native speakers going for $25 per hour
  • Spanish lessons for those who wish to learn that language for $20 per hour
  • Singing lessons for $20
  • Tennis lessons for $25 per hour
  • Golf lessons at $35 per session
  • Basket lessons
  • Math tutors for various topics including algebra, trigonometry, calculus

What Skills Do You Have?

Can you speak a foreign language that might be in demand such as Spanish or Mandarin?  Could you teach someone to play baseball or tennis?  Are you good at mathematics?  How about teaching a beginning art class for those who might be interested?

Last summer my daughter signed up for a day long class on a Saturday.  The cost was $90 and they taught various beginning techniques with drawing and chalk.  The supplies came as part of the tuition but I would suspect didn’t cost all that much.  I would bet that the studio made $70 per student for the instruction and there were about 10 in the class.  A couple Saturdays per month with classes like this would make an extra $1000 per month.

Would you be able to do something similar with art, pottery, carpentry, etc?  Assembling several students at once is a great way to help increase income for a given amount of time.

Summer is a great time for private lessons for outdoor sports like tennis, baseball, golf or swimming.  Winter is often a time when students need help in various courses.  All seasons are good for music, art, and computer skills.

Other Options

Perhaps you live in an area where there are not many prospective students.  Don’t let that stop you!  If students can’t come to you, then go to them with a website or blog.  Or maybe you could write an ebook or make some videos to post to the web.  The possibilities are endless for those with the knowledge, imagination, and will to make it happen.


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