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How to Make $1000 Per Month Cleaning Houses

Some of the methods that we have been talking about to make extra money each month involves being able to work from home such as making money by blogging or working as a virtual assistant.  Each of these might take some time to build up to a decent level of income.  I would give blogging at least 2 years and virtual assistant work 6 months.

However if you need to earn a decent level of income much sooner, one way to do this is by cleaning houses.  Now it is not very glamorous or exciting work but it can help pay the bills or eliminate debt much more quickly.  It may take a little bit of time to develop a clientele, but if you use your network to get the word out, I would dare say that $500 per month within the first month would be an achievable goal.

Economics of House Cleaning

Before you poo-poo the idea entirely, let’s look at the economics of cleaning houses.  Most of the individuals I know who clean charge by the job and will clean a particular house each week or every other week.  Most house cleaners will charge anywhere from $50-$100 depending upon the size of the home and take anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Break it down and that works out to roughly $25 per hour of time spent cleaning.  If we look at our criteria for the site which means 15 hours per week, then it is possible to clean one house per night during the week making $75 for 3 hours of work or $375 per week cleaning houses.  In four weeks, that works out to $1500 which could easily help with the monthly cash flow.

Cleaning a house weekly or every other week means there is a need for only 5-10 clients plus a few leads on the side in case a client has problems with cash flow.  Often a house cleaner is one of the first expenditures to go in a bad economy which is why it is important to always keep your name out there.

Creating a Business

Now if you have plenty of good contacts, do a good job, and benefit from word-of-mouth, then it is possible to even create a business out of cleaning houses.  After all, Merry Maid had to start somewhere.  Hiring an assistant for $10 per hour to take with you on jobs could mean the ability to take on 2 clients per night.  You could still directly supervise the work since you would be there and still have control over your product.

Now let’s look at the economics.  Instead of taking 3 hours to complete a job, you can now get the $75 job done in 1.5 hours and add a second $75 job.  Now you have $150 in revenue per night and you are paying $30 in assistant costs.  Your net income is now $120 per night or $600 per week.  Monthly you are making $2400 which is a nice increase from the $1500 you could make by yourself.

Eventually if you have employees you could trust, you could simply arrange for the jobs and handle the business side with marketing, scheduling, and customer follow-up.  You could send out teams of two and profit from each and every job, thus leveraging the time of others to spend more than 24 hours per day cleaning houses.  The possibilities are endless!

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8 comments to How to Make $1000 Per Month Cleaning Houses

  • I have a couple of friends who clean for NFL players, and the money is definitely good for them.
    Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents recently posted..Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 1/23/2012My Profile

  • Yes it does. And it also comes with interesting stories.
    Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents recently posted..Monday Meal Plan and a recipeMy Profile

  • Catherine

    Great suggestions! I think even with the current state of “the economy”, people are looking to hire people locally and splurge on things that are important to them.

    • admin

      That is true. Remember that there are still plenty of people with jobs who are working harder than ever and putting in longer hours to be noticed at work. These people will need assistance at home.

  • Back in my younger days, I did this from time to time, even cleaned for a poroffesional maid company for a very short while. Unfortuanty when I worked at the proffesional cleaning company I was 8 months pregnant and a nervous owner doting over me each day worrying about me and having to get in and clan 6 whirlpool or garden tubs was not glamerous at all! The owner worried so much as apparently they had a VERY VERY high miscarraige rate so I would caution anyone who may be pregnant to consider safer cleaners and carefully select the places they clean.

    Heck to anyone considering this to carefully select your clients, some are so picky it really is ridiculous! A 3 story, all white or mirrored condo is not too fun to clean either! It is hard exhausting work so pick carefully!

    I much prefer cleaning offices!
    Poor to Rich a Day at a Time recently posted..Our Tax Refund PlanMy Profile