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How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukop: A Book Review

Blogging can be a lonely, frustrating endeavor.

There, I said it.

While you may start your blog full of passion, eager to share your views and opinions with others, you may quickly lose your enthusiasm if, despite your best efforts, your blog doesn’t grow.  If you feel like you’re just sending your words out to cyberspace and no one is reading, it’s hard not to get discouraged.

If you (gasp!) actually want both readers AND to make money from your blog, you may be doubly disappointed.

Luckily, the answer to both how to get more traffic and make some money with your blog may be found in a new ebook, How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukop.

This book is a comprehensive guide to both growing your blog and the many ways you can make money blogging.

Growing Your Blog

While many bloggers will tell you that SEO is the best way to grow your blog, Soukop takes a different view.  Yes, SEO is important, but she believes Pinterest is even more important.  To that end she gives many suggestions to both grow your Pinterest followers and increase how many times your posts are pinned.

If you think Pinterest is only for those with DIY or cooking blogs, think again.  Pinterest is a highly visual medium, and no matter what you write about, it can likely be pinnable as long as you meet two conditions.  First, you must have awesome content, says Soukop.  Second, you must have nice pictures that are pinworthy.  Simply putting a picture with your post won’t automatically make the post pinworthy.

If you follow Soukop’s suggestions, you may be able to see your blog traffic grow more than you previously thought possible, especially if your post goes viral.

Make Money

Soukop’s most important tip when it comes to making money is not to start a blog solely with the plan of making money because you’ll likely fail.  You must have awesome content.

Soukop explains the many ways to make money blogging from affiliate links to sponsored posts to using ad networks.  If you’ve been a blogger for any length of time, you may know about these methods.

However, the most valuable advice in this book is how to create a media kit and how to approach brands to work together in partnership.  That type of symbiotic relationship can result in a steady paycheck more so than ad networks.

While you may make good money with an ad network one month, trends can affect whether or not you continue to make money in future months.  For instance, when Extreme Couponing was a hit, Soukop made great money on Adsense, but as soon as the show was off the air in the summer, her income took a significant hit.

If you already have a blog but don’t have the traffic you’d like or the income stream you’d like from it, this book may help you rejuvenate your blog and start earning more.  At only $4.99, this book is a steal.  In my opinion, she could charge quite a bit more because the information is so valuable.


This review is from Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

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