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How Much Money Do I Make Blogging?

I am always wondering how much money people make while blogging and so am excited to read earnings reports.  I started to put out monthly reports myself on this blog, but when summer came and golf and softball with it, I just got too busy to write consistently.  I am blogging primarily for fun and don’t have a problem skipping a week or two of posting if there are other things that I need or want to be doing.  I only published 2 posts on Cash Flow Mantra (CFM) during the months of July and August.

Nevertheless, I still feel that it is worthwhile for some of you to see what can truly be achieved by a part-timer.  If you only put in a consistent amount of time each day, it is possible to earn some decent extra cash in a relatively short period of time.

To give you some perspective, I started CFM in May of 2011, Grand Per Month (GPM) in December 2011, and Penny Thots (PT) in April of 2012.  I write CFM by myself, hire 2 writers to help here, and coordinate a group over at PT with some incentives for writing based upon views (although I am paying per article until the end of the year) along with some profit sharing.

Since I just finished my income taxes (got an extension until October 15), my results are fairly fresh and the spreadsheet readily available so let’s look at it to see how much money I made online in 2010 and 2011.

2010 Income

In 2010, I was writing for sites like eHow, HubPages, and Life123 so I was able to make a little bit of money.  I hadn’t yet gotten the nerve to actually work with WordPress and start my own blog.  Two of the sites no longer pay authors the way they did in 2010 which helped push me into blogging for myself.  Let’s see what the spreadsheet says:

Income (AdSense) $462.58
Income (Amazon affiliate) $11.47
Income (Yahoo Publish Network) $2.19
Income (Triond) $0.52
Income (You Data) $0.57
Income (Life123) $410.00
Income (Demand Media) $173.56
     Total $1,060.89
Ebook Niche Course $57.00

As you can see, I made just over $1000 of profit.  Sure it isn’t the greatest, but it is real!  I was inspired to start my own blogs when I saw the potential and realized that Life123 and eHow (Demand Media) would no longer be a source of income.

2011 Income

So I started a site with Weebly that ultimately led to my own blog, CFM.  Success there inspired this blog along with PT.  I am considering another blog to chronicle my way out of debt, but want to see what happens over the next few months.  Let’s look at the 2011 data:

Income (AdSense) $391.89
Income (Amazon affiliate) $88.75
Income (Individual Ad Deals) $2,694.73
Income (You Data) $0.87
Income (ListMy5) $11.23
Income (Demand Media) $252.08
     Total $3,439.55
Domain Registration $15.00
PayPal Fees $72.28
Website Hosting Fees (Weebly, Hostgator) $142.51
Ad Deal Commissions, Misc expenses $478.00
     Total $707.79

The earnings are much higher as are expenses, but profit more than doubled to $2731.76.  Not bad for a hobby!

What about 2012?

Well, I got curious so quickly added up some numbers for this year.  I didn’t total up the revenue, but simply added up each line in revenue and subtracted out expenses.  I am pretty close to the same amount of profit this year and still have a little more revenue to go.  My guess is that profits will be up, but not as dramatically.  I am thinking around $3000 or so for the year (maybe a bit more).

Again, not bad for a hobby which could ultimately end up paying for my other hobby.  $3000 represents about 100 rounds of golf!

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