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Grow Your Income by Providing Additional Services

There are plenty of ways that you can earn a grand per month doing something that you love.  Whether that be tutoring, writing, or teaching, to name a few, there are many opportunities out there.

However, what if your business isn’t growing as much as you would like?  What if your goal is to earn a grand per month but you’re not still there yet?

A simple solution might be to add additional services.

Adding Services to Your Writing Business

For instance, if you’re a freelance blog writer, perhaps you could offer to create a Pinterest-friendly picture to go with your blog article for an additional fee.  You’ve found an additional task that can increase your income, and your customer is saving time by letting you do the task.  The customer will likely get increased traffic to his site when a Pinterest-friendly picture is used.  Win-win.

How to Determine What Extra Services to Offer

To decide what extra services you’d like to add, you need to answer three important questions:

  • What else do your customers need?
  • Do you like doing the other things your customers need?
  • Is the extra service you offer a natural extension of your current business?

If you hate making Pinterest-friendly pictures, adding that service to your freelance writing repertoire is not going to be a smart move.  Maybe instead you could add making the post SEO friendly or advertising the post on social media channels to get the blog owner additional exposure.

Other Examples of Business Extensions

The sky is the limit for the services you can offer.  For instance, Erin Chase started the blog, $5 Dinners several years ago.  As her blog grew and became more and more popular, Erin decided to expand her business.  Now, she writes for several popular brands, and she and a few blogging friends have gone on to create and host a few conferences for other aspiring bloggers.

Likewise, The Paleo Mom’s blog is only two years old, but it has experienced explosive growth.  She was able to parlay her education and popularity into a two-book deal writing about the Paleo AIP diet.  However, she was continually fielding questions from readers, so she and a few other health minded individuals started The Paleo Mom Consulting to work one on one with those who want to learn more about using the Paleo diet themselves.

Of course, the idea of adding more services doesn’t just apply to blogging and the Internet.  For instance, if you offer lawn care services, you may find it a natural extension to offer simple handy man services, if you have skills in that area.

If you’re a math tutor, you may also find that in addition to tutoring middle school and high school math, you can also offer SAT and ACT math test prep services.

If you’re looking to expand your business, the answer may be in the field you’re already working in.  Just decide what additional services you can provide that your customers can benefit from.

What services go hand-in-hand with the business you’re already running?  How can you expand your business?

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