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Get Closer to Your Grand Per Month by Saving More

Many of you are in constant pursuit of your grand per month, but it’s not always so easy is it? I have written articles that express the benefit of earning just $500 extra dollars per month, but if you truly want to increase your discretionary income by $1,000 or more, perhaps you could do it in the aggregate. In other words, even if you can’t physically bring in an extra thousand bucks, you could essentially earn it by reducing your expenses by the amount of income that you lack.

In other words, let’s say you are bringing home $2,500 a month with your day job. Your goal is to earn that extra thousand dollars each month, which would increase your earnings to $3,500 a month. Lately though, you have only been able to add $800 a month to your income, putting you at $3,300. This is definitely admirable, but it leaves you a little short. What if though, you could cut $200 out of your expenses for the month? This would give you an extra $1,000 of cash!

It most certainly is a beautiful thing. So, what are some things you can do to reduce your monthly bills?


1) Reduce Your Heat – It’s starting to get cold this time of year and that furnace could suck some serious money out of your wallet. By adding an additional layer of clothing, you could probably get away with notching down your thermostat by 2 degrees. This small action could save you an additional $10 a month. Also, if you have a fireplace or a wood burning stove, you could hunt around for some cheap fire wood. This would most definitely help you offset the cost of your heating bill.

2) Get Rid of the Cable – Let’s face it, there is nothing on TV but junk these days. For what reason do you need cable? If you must stare at the TV, sign up with Netflix for $8 a month. This should save you $60 a month or more.

3) Car Pool – Gas is starting to become more reasonable these days, but if it’s still $3 or more for a gallon of gas, I’d say that it’s worth it to carpool to work. This simple action could save you $50 or more a month.

4) Shop at Discount Grocery Stores – If you absolutely hate coupon clipping like I do, just get used to shopping at your discount grocery store like Aldi or Save-A-Lot. They often have prices that are even lower than Walmart and you don’t have to pull out any coupons either. Savings = $30 a month.

5) Get Rid of Some Stuff – Not only could you sell your snowmobiles and quads for some money, but it would also reduce your maintenance bills down to zero (this also works great with boats and wave runners too).


Can you think of anything else that could save you money each month? There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, more options.


This article was written by Derek Sall, owner of LifeAndMyFinances.com

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  • When you look it up , the average food cost for a family of four in the US is actually quite high, at $944 per month. But to call it “food cost” makes it sound like it’s out of your control. I would call this the average food spending. Just like the average family’s transportation cost is not some fixed punishment that the cruel world imposes on them.. it’s a measure of the amount of driving that they have designed into their lives, multiplied by the level of inefficiency of the vehicles they have chosen for themselves.
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