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Four Reasons that Content is King

When I wrote about six tips for making a grand per month as a part-time blogger, I promised that I would delve a little deeper into each of those six items.  Well, now is the time to look more closely at the importance of your content.  We have all heard the adage, “Content is King” and assume that the statement is true.

I have to say that I agree with the statement and would state that you should be spending the majority of your blogging time working on creating good content.  But what is it that makes content so important?  Here are four reasons that you should be focusing on your content when working on your blog.

1.  Content Defines the Blog’s Purpose

Ultimately, the purpose for the existence of the blog is defined by and reflected in the content that appears on the blog.  The purpose of this blog is to provide information, motivation, and tools to help individuals make an extra $1000 per month in their spare time.  The content is designed to reflect this.  However if the content changes, the ultimate purpose of the blog changes whether I realize it or not.

If I start writing about movies and offering commentary on the latest Hollywood release, then the blog is not fulfilling its original goals.  The goals have shifted and the audience will change accordingly which leads to point number 2.

2.  Content Determines the Audience

Readers come to a blog for a reason.  It might be to be entertained, it might be to have a question answered, or it might be for inspiration or motivation.  Your audience will come to your blog looking for something.  If they find it, they will stay and may return day after day.  If not, then they will leave and may never return.  You want your content to serve a purpose and leave the reader with something.  Do this well, and your blog will grow.  Do it poorly, and you won’t get traffic or money.

3.  Content Leads to Traffic

Some of the traffic that you receive will come from search engines.  The only way that the search engines can figure out what you blog is about is through your content.  Provide meaningful content with lots of important keywords and phrases, and the search engines will be able to properly categorize your blog and send you traffic that should find your blog helpful.

This is one reason that longer posts tend to bring in more traffic.  They tend to be more easily found in search engines, but they also tend to be incredibly useful.  These “epic” posts also tend to end up being shared leading to more traffic.  This is the classic example of content being king.

There is also an association between more frequent publishing of content and the amount of traffic to a blog.  If there ever was an argument for consistent publishing, this would be it.  But the content needs to be useful and relevant to the audience as well as fit within the purpose of the blog.

4.  Content is Responsible for Earnings

If you can nail the first three points, then the earnings should flow naturally.  However, the topic of the blog as defined by the content will have a major role in determining the ultimate profitability of the blog.  Out of the content flows the contextual advertising that many use to monetize sites.  Private advertisers will seek blogs with relevant content.  If you want to make money, then you should know into which niches the money is flowing.

Think about these four reasons that content is king the next time you write a post, and you will begin to understand its importance.  Successful bloggers understand this and can publish great content.  Your goal should be to continually improve as you write for your blog.

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