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Earnings Report for January 2012

I have been somewhat reluctant to publish my earnings for my other blog despite my interest in looking at other bloggers earnings.  Maybe as the numbers get really big, I might change my mind again, but for now I thought that it would be appropriate since I am blogging about making an extra $1000 per month.  Plus since I am part of the $30K Challenge, I have a second reason to publish my online earnings.

When I report my earnings, they will include all of my online writing activities.  Currently I have this blog which you are reading, I have Cash Flow Mantra, and I write at HubPages.  My earning sources include private advertising, AdSense, the HubPages Ad Program, eBay affiliate income via HubPages, and Amazon affiliate income.  I am also an affiliate with Host Gator but haven’t earned anything at all with that so it really doesn’t matter yet.

I will be grouping all of my income together in one lump sum.  I don’t want to break it all down since I don’t want to violate any terms of service.  Needless to say, I want to continue to be in all of these programs.  I will break out my expenses for the month so that you can get a sense of the net income that I am receiving.  I will admit that it is less impressive, but once a site becomes established, the expenses can stay relatively constant as the revenues grow increasing the profit margin.

Finally, I will only be reporting income once I receive it.  I may or may not hit certain payouts on a monthly basis.  To be consistent, I figure that the income should be reported when it actually hits my account much like would be reported for tax purposes.  That way I also have that portion of my 2012 tax data gathered already.

Gross Online Earnings for January 2012:  $1049.31

Total Expenses for January 2012:  $352.89

Net Online Earnings for January 2012:  $689.57

As you can see the net earnings are not quite as impressive, but still very nice considering my alternative would be to sit around and watch television if I weren’t writing.  I took $400 and used it to pay off some debt and left the remainder of the balance in my PayPal account to pay for author expenses for this blog for the next few months.  This blog is not making a profit yet, but is making some AdSense revenue so I am pleased about that.

Expense Breakdown: 

  • Author fees for GPM:  $80.44  I am paying Derek and Melissa $20 per article for 2 articles each per month.  The extra is from a profit and incentive based program that I have.
  • PayPal fees:  $6.85  When receiving income payments from PayPal, there are fees associated.  This decreases my net income slightly.
  • Hosting fee:  $9.95  This is for 3 blogs total and will be the same month after month.
  • Advertising commission:  $112.50  I do not handle my advertising but spend time writing instead.  This is worth every penny.
  • 100th post contest at CFM:  $150  I gave out prizes for my giveaway at Cash Flow Mantra.  Obviously this is not a recurring expense but there will probably be a couple others this year.  I was able to pick up some new subscribers so will have to see if the traffic remains.

So far, February income is slow to develop but we are only 3 days in.  It would be nice to have some deals in the works, but that hasn’t happened yet.  As for the $30K Challenge, I am $95.69 behind the pace that I needed to be hitting for the month of January.  I am sure that I can make that up sometime during the year.

In the meantime, I have included a few other earnings reports for inspiration.  These reports keep me going and help me realize that I just need to keep working and eventually, it will happen.

Derek from Life and My Finances made over $1500.

Andrea at So Over Debt made over $2000 online.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff made over $4000 with her blogs alone before figuring in her other online business.  She has a really great story that you need to check out moving from the cubicle to working at home.

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