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Earnings Report for February 2012

Well, February was a short month and that was reflected in the earnings.  I needed about 60 days for the month of February to have turned out decent.  Oh well, making money online with blogging is going to have good months and not-so-good months so I guess I got one of the poor ones out of the way.  Now March can be better, huh?

In case you didn’t see my January earnings report, I will explain that this report includes all of my online earnings activities from my two main blogs, Cash Flow Mantra and this one, from AdSense, and from all of the affiliate programs to which I belong.  Currently, I am grouping my earnings into one lump sum since I definitely don’t want to fall afoul of any terms of service, especially AdSense.  So I won’t be breaking any of that information out at this time.

I should also point out that I am not reporting any earnings until I actually receive the money.  There are some programs where I will be getting money in the future but haven’t received it yet, so it is not included.  I want to make sure that I actually have it before telling anyone about it.  Makes sense, don’t you think?

Gross Online Earnings for February 2012:  $620.92

Total Expenses for February 2012:  $97.71

  • Author Payments:  $87.76 for this blog to Melissa and Derek
  • Hosting:  $9.95 for the Host Gator account.  I am running 2 main blogs and soon to be 3 for this low price which is awesome.  These blogs can pay for themselves within the first month or two.

Net Online Earnings for February 2012:  $523.21

Although the gross earnings weren’t as much as January, the net income wasn’t all that bad since the expenses were much reduced.  I didn’t run any giveaway which helped to keep those costs in check.  Plus commissions paid for ad deals didn’t exist since the revenue was sent to me after it had been deducted so you could say that the gross really is “net to me”.  The bottom line is that I made over $500 in profit for myself.  I used $400 to make an extra payment on my Discover Card and set the rest aside for the launch of my new blog.

I am still looking for a few more authors for the new blog, by the way.  I am debating just cutting it off at the end of the month and going with only those who have signed up prior to launch.  There are five spots left.

The $30K Challenge Update

As you know, I am a member of the $30K Challenge and have set myself earning goals throughout the year in order to meet that ultimate goal of making $30,000 in 2012.  Due to the poor showing in February, I am now $730 off the revenue pace for the first two months.  It is still possible to make this up, but I really can’t lose too much more ground in the first half of the year.

If I can keep the total deficit under $1000 and then start making my monthly targets, I will have a pretty good shot at hitting the goal for the end of the year.  If not, I think it will be very difficult to catch up.

The one bright spot for the month was AdSense.  It was a record month for me, and I am exceeding my targets for that revenue source.  I didn’t include any revenue this month since I don’t yet get monthly checks.  But if growth can continue at the current pace, I should be getting paid monthly by mid-year.


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