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Consider Employment Benefits Before Taking a Part-Time Job

Sometimes making a grand per month is not just about the extra cash in your pocket but the generous benefits that you receive.

Yes, it would be nice to make an extra grand per month in cash, but sometimes it is worthwhile to make less at a part-time job that also pays you generous benefits such as health care and a 401k.

Health Insurance

If you do not currently have health insurance and you get a part-time job that pays your health insurance, how much is that perk saving you?  Of course, you are saving the cost of the premium that the company pays for you as well as the entire expense you would have had to pay without insurance that your insurance now covers.

For instance, once a week, my son gets physical therapy.  This therapy costs $141 a session, which we could not afford to pay if we didn’t have insurance.  The insurance covers $120, and we pay a co-pay of $21.  In just one month of sessions, our insurance saves us $480.  That is one appointment for one of our three children.  Easily, having insurance saves us an average of $500 or more a month.  While we are not “making” that money as you would with a grand per month, we do not have to spend that money either, essentially leaving us with extra money each month we wouldn’t have without our insurance.


If you work a part-time job that offers a 401k, you may get a company match for your investment.  That money can continue to grow for years and years until you retire, securing your future.  In addition, employees may get discounts on stock options for the company that they work for.

Where to Look for These Jobs

A number of companies offer generous perks, including health insurance and often 401k accounts to their part-time employees.  Some of the companies include Starbuck’s, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, Lands End, Nike, UPS, Cost Plus Market and JC Penney.  Many of these businesses require employees to work at least 20 hours a week to receive benefits, but some have more stringent requirements.  For instance, at Nike, you must be employed for a year before receiving benefits.  JC Penney requires that you work 35 hours a week.

Besides national chains, often hospitals and other health care businesses offer benefits for part-timers.  My mom worked as an hourly employee at a public university where they pay health care benefits to part-time employees.

Final Thoughts

It is glamorous to think about working for yourself and creating your own business that allows you to make a grand per month and may eventually turn into your full-time job.  However, sometimes it is worthwhile to accept a part-time job with a lower hourly wage so you can benefit from the generous employment perks including health insurance, retirement accounts and even tuition reimbursement.  These perks have a definite monetary value and can make up for a lower salary.

This is a post from Melissa who writes at Mom’s Plans.

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3 comments to Consider Employment Benefits Before Taking a Part-Time Job

  • Very true that the perk of good health insurance can be priceless. I often complain about how much my health premiums are but in actuality if I had to pay the full cost for doctor and dental visits I would truly be out a lot more money.
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  • Benefits are so important when looking for a job these days and they should definitely not be overlooked when you are looking for a part time job. Don’t just look for the position that offers the highest salary but also the companies that will look after you in the long run!