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Most Popular Posts on Making Extra Money

Grand per Month was started with a goal of offering up ideas and advice on how to begin making extra money in your spare time with a goal of actually making an extra $1000 per month. Imagine what you could do with that much extra cash flow in your budget. If you have been living paycheck to paycheck as many of us are, the extra wiggle room could be enough to start paying off debt or begin saving an emergency fund.

Whatever your motivation or particular needs, having more money than month is a good thing which is the first step to financial freedom. So let’s take a look at the most popular posts from the blog for the year.

Most Popular Posts for 2012

How to Make $1000 Per Month With Stock Dividends–It looks like everyone loves the idea of passive income. Invest in some stocks and sit back

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June Progress Report on the Ebook

Crap! I just looked back at my first progress report and discovered that I estimated I could have 5000 words written by yesterday (actually I wanted to write the progress posts on Saturday but have been too busy). I think that gives you some idea that I didn’t make that 5000 word target. I actually have written 1005 words. Ugh!

I guess that’s better than nothing and I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I did have a 75 hour work week in May along with a daughter’s high school graduation along with the open house. Plus I had several other open houses to attend and a wedding which all took up time that might have been spent writing. So I have been very busy and barely able to keep up with the blogs. But still, I don’t want to get into a habit of making excuses every month.


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First Ebook Progress Report

Last week, I mentioned that I was planning to write an ebook and that I would be making progress reports every 2nd Saturday of the month. Well, it is the second Saturday. My progress on the ebook this past week has been zilch. That being said, I really didn’t have any solid plans. But now that I am working on this report, I will be stating my progress as well as my goals for the next month.

Progress so Far

I did mention that I have a topic which I believe fills a hole in the existing knowledge base. I believe that it will solve a problem as well as address a fear that many investors have. I even have a good title, in my opinion. I have been thinking about the ebook a lot and have been writing notes mentally, but have little put down on the actual word

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