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Earn a Grand Per Month In Your Retirement

At this moment, my dad is retired and my mom will be retiring in the next 20 days. They have some money stashed away in their retirement account, but if they happen to live for another 20 years, their money will almost certainly be long gone.

Since I live and breathe finance, my dad started asking me questions about what they should do with the money that they do have. “Will the stock market crash soon? Should I put my investments in something other than stocks and bonds? What is a good hedge investment that will allow me to keep my money over the next 20+ years?” These are all great questions, but to be honest, nobody can answer them with 100% certainty (not even me!).

My Best Advice For My Dad and Mom

While my mom and dad were hoping that I had the magic answer of what they

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Your Guide to Taking Paid Surveys to Make Extra Money by Anna Thurman: A Review

Making a grand per month is likely your minimum target goal when you start a side gig, but what if you can’t make that much money? This is especially likely when you are just starting your side gig. After all, it takes awhile to increase your business and income.

However, as you’re growing your business, expenses still need to be paid.

The best bet in this case is to find small side gigs to pad your bottom line. You might try places like Fiverr or even take surveys.

Of course, you won’t grow rich taking surveys, but if you need some extra cash to buy something your child needs or to have a bit of extra grocery money, taking surveys can help. Best of all, you can do them at your convenience, which might be late at night when you’re too tired to do your side gig or while the

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Make a Grand Per Month With Your Blog

If you own a blog, you likely keep it up because you love writing and helping others. Making money from your blog is difficult, but many people have managed to make at least some money with affiliate advertising as well as sponsored posts.

However, there’s another way to make money that you may not have considered–reaching out directly to companies to work with them.

Ways You Can Earn Money Working With Brands

One of the easiest ways you can connect with brands is asking to host a review and giveaway on your blog. A few years ago, many smaller brands were interested in working with bloggers because it was a novelty. Now, many of those same companies have been bombarded with requests and are no longer quite as eager to work with all bloggers. The key is to make yourself and your blog stand out from the rest of the

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Make a Grand Per Month By Making Your Home a Vacation Rental

Are you one of the many Americans who had a home, condo, or townhouse and then had to move to a different area of the country, but you’ve had no luck selling your home in the old location? Whether people move to be closer to family or for a job, many Americans are stressed because they’re paying for two homes–one in the new location and one in the old location.

If your previous home is in a desirable location such as in a big city or by a lake, take a deep breath and relax. You may be able to take your home and turn it into a vacation rental by owner.

Vacation rentals by owners offer accommodations in a home setting. These are perfect for large parties or families that are traveling. They’re also attractive to visitors because they’re generally cheaper than hotels, and they also have amenities like

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Earn a Grand per Month Driving a Truck

Have you ever thought about driving a semi-truck for a living? If this occupation excites you, but you can’t make it work as a regular daytime job, then perhaps you should consider it as a second job on the weekends.

When I was 19 years old, my friends and I were trying to earn enough money to put ourselves through college. We weren’t brilliant enough to receive free rides, but we did have a strong work ethic. In fact, one of my friends was working full-time, taking classes, and was driving a truck on the weekends. With all of these jobs, he was certainly tired at the end of each week, but he was able to pay for his classes without taking on any debts.

If you want to earn an extra grand per month, I would urge you to look into trucking, but before I do, let me clue

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