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Cash In On Those Unwanted Goods

There are plenty of ways to make a quick buck. You could mow someone’s yard, snow-blow their driveway, or maybe you could even dog sit for an afternoon. Each one of these efforts will earn you about $20 and you could achieve it in less than an hour, or with very little effort. But, what if you were willing to put in a little more time and a little more effort? I have a way that you could earn thousands of dollars each month, and you can do it with items that people are just willing to give you, free of charge.

What The Heck Am I Talking About?

What in the world are people going to just give you that has value? Obviously, I don’t expect people to just hand over their gold bars to you, but I guarantee that you can be handed plenty of items that have quite a lot of value.

When people decide that it’s time to move to a new house, they suddenly realize that they have some beastly objects in their house and they don’t want to take them to their new place. Their solution? They’ll give the items away as long as you’re willing to haul them out. These are things like pianos, couches, sectionals, projection TVs, washing machines, and hot tubs.

What You’ll Need

Obviously, these products are so big and bulky that you won’t be able to move them yourself. Unless you have some really nice friends, you’ll probably have to pay someone to help you out for an hour at a time. Yes, it might cost you a bit up front, but it will be completely worth it in the end.

In addition to some manual labor, you’ll most likely have to invest in some straps, a dolly, and a roll cart.

The Resale

Alright, so what do you have to do once you pick up a few items? It’s time to use the most wonderful site in the world, Craigslist. List your items and offer to deliver them to whoever purchases them. Because, just like the people that gave you this stuff, the purchasers don’t want to find a way to lift these heavy objects and get them into their house.

How much can you charge for these things? For a piano that you’re going to deliver, you could easily get $200. A washing machine can get you at least $100. A projection TV (delivered): $100. Couches can yield at least $200 if they’re in good shape. And, if you find a hot tub that’s fully functional, you could get at least $500. If you found just one of each of these items, you could earn yourself $1,000 after expenses.

If you don’t mind moving heavy object for a couple hours each weekend, this could be an awesome money maker!

What do you think of this idea? Are you going to start hunting for that free stuff?

This article was written by Derek from Life And My Finances.

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